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    what do u guys know think about this? this isnt exactly how its recommended but seemed like an economical approach--i just went and bought one of those lizard infrared lite bulbs and lie by it for awhile, whatdya think?
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    hey caledonia
    I wasnt thinking of creating the infrared sauna but I was told to get one of the smaller infrared handheld things or mats that u can buy and put it by my rootcanal and I had tried lying on the infrared mat at MIgun a couple times, felt ok 2 out of 3 times.
    i dont feel like spending a lot on it right now though so i got the idea of going to pet store i thought maybe there could be a little healing effect from one of those lizard bulbs and u can get them under 20bux or even 10 if smaller wattage.
    I think maybe it acts like a light box cus i couldnt sleep after it the otehr day, didnt feel any detox though.