Ingesting surfactants for pain relief???

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    My mother, being a loving and helpful mom she is, bought me a product to help with my FM pain. It is actually supposed to improve the immune system and end pain. Ok. So she brings me this little bottle which lists the main ingredient as "surfactant blends". The rest of the stuff is flavoring, artificial colors, etc. So it is basically a bottle of soap. I called the number on the bottle and they wouldn't give me the surfactant blend ingredients saying there were over 5,000 of them. He told me that the surfactants were negatively charged or hydrophilic...that attract water...whatever that means. Since it is very concetrated I took the instructed 8 drops in a glass of water. It tasted like soap and I nearly gagged. About 5 hours later I developed severe intestinal upset with stomach cramping which lasted all evening. Did my mom just waste $88 on a bottle of soap???
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    Welcome to the board.

    Sounds like that old joke. The intestinal upset will take your mind off
    your FM pain.

    I think someone played a dirty trick on your mom. I'd report it to the
    fraud squad or FDA or whatever agency you can find.

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    Sorry for your experience. Yuk!!

    I don't understand why the company would not give you the ingredients or at least an idea of what this contained. I would think that is illegal. That is a big red flag that this might be a scam. Also about the negative energy, etc. sounds like another red flag. In fact if you went out and bought two red flags, I bet they would be cheaper. :D

    I think your mom is out the $88. Sounds like a scam. You could report them to the better business bureau but if this is something from the web, I have no idea. Others may have some ideas of where you can pursue this.

    Good luck.


    ETA This is why there needs to be some oversight with the supplemental industry. If you were sick because you were basically poisoned, how would they know the antidote? Roll the dice? Toss a coin? Take care.[This Message was Edited on 11/19/2009]
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    --I'd like to see you report them to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because they appear to be making medical claims and won't disclose the ingredients.

    Food and Drug Administration
    5600 Fishers Lane
    Rockville MD 20857-0001
    Toll Free: 1-888-463-6332

    --Report them to the Better Business Bureau because even people who do business on the internet with companies can check them with the BBB. That way they will start to develop a negative record for anyone that checks with the BBB.

    --File a complaint with your state attorney general's office as they are providing a product to help you in a medical way, but will not release the ingredients. Give a copy of that complaint to the Better Business Bureau

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