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    I am on SSDI and SSI (Have been on disability for several years now, and just eke out barely survive on about $10,000 a year in expensive California)
    Huge out of pocket dental debt, only enough money for food and rent for one room studio apartment (and that only thru Section 8)
    Cannot afford car, cell phone, TV, high speed internet, but, more importantly, isolated because of distances and illness from many of my loved ones.
    OK my question: I just found out that I may be getting an unexpected inheritance of $10,000.
    I am concerned about that affecting my SSI/Medi-Cal(Medicaid)--I have chronic health conditions that need regular medical care and medications (plus, if I got the money, about $7,000 of it would go to pay my debt, so I'd really have more like $2,500-$3,000)
    Any advice or information on what would be the best course to take?
    I could so badly use the money, and have some hope to pay for train tickets, etc to see dear friends,etc and maybe have more than just this very restricted life of mere survival (and pain and illness and unpredictable/limited energy levels of fibromyalgia, arthritis and other health conditions)
    Thank you in advance for any pertinent info!
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    You could go to the websites for SS & Section 8 and see if they have any info about your concerns.

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    My understanding is that they count the value of your vehicle and any money in accounts toward how much you are allowed each month. I have to pay back quite a bit of money because I didn't understand about the value of a vehicle being counted against me (a whole $1,300) and will have to pay back $85 for each month we were even a dollar over the $3,000 limit for couples. If you have money in your account at the end of the month, that is also counted as part of your assets, so now am sure to pay all of the bills by the end of the month.
    The rules are very strict and if I didn't need help to supplement medical care, I would not participate in the system. As far as inheritance goes, it may be the case that it puts you over the limit for one month and then they might let you 'spend it down', especially for dental/medical needs. I would definitely ask for their guidance so that you don't have to pay money back.

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