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    Hi everyone!

    I am a 29 year old female who has fibro and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have been in four auto accidents with the first one being two days before my highschool graduation and have had this monster for almost seven years! My heart goes out to all of you also.

    Question for all of you...Have any of you had or heard about trigger point injections or facet joint injections? Months ago i went through a procedure where i was injected in my sacroliliac joint which was called a sacroiliac joint block. I didn't get any relief from pain unfortunatly the procedure also left a lump in the area.

    I am in so much pain and desperate that i am thinking of going back and getting an epidural and injections in my neck. I have 2 herniated discs in my lower back and in my neck and my neck protrudes because of all the times i got whiplash in the auto accidents. I have some degeneration in my thoracic spine also. Other patients have had results when they weher injected in that area so i am tempted to go back but still concerned after what happened to me the first time. Everything i have read about them it seems they can be very helpful.

    Right now confusion about what to do about my health and what to try has taken over because i have tried so many things through the years along with years of physical therapy on and off and natural approaches along with prescriptions that i just have had reactions too(I know you all know this too well) If the other procedures will work i don't want to let fear stop me though. Where i went i was put under anethesia, i know it is also done without being put under but it was combined with manipulation under anethesia where my chiropractor adjusts the patient while under and breaks up scar tissue. Have any of you had that done?

    If any of you have any information about it or have had it done yourself i would really appreciate any input.

    Thank you,

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    My hert goes out to you Scoop, hang in there girl!
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    Hello Scoop-
    I have had the trigger point injections done, and the pain blocks in both the back and neck. Myself, it seems that I don't get much relief from either. I will be honest with you...I bad very bad luck with the injection in my neck. When I had it done, some spinal fluid leaked back down during the procedure, and it had me down for a week with terrible headache and vomiting. Needless to say... I haven't had a block done in my neck again. I am scared to do it. When I had the blocks done, I have never been put under to do it. You just bend over sitting down and the doc gives you an epidural. It is painfull and very uncomfortable. But, if you could be put under or mildly sedated it would not be bad at all. My Pain Management doctor that I see, does the pain blocks all the time. So, I have to get them done to have my pain medicine. I do know people that have great luck with having both done. It may work well for you. This is just may experience. Good luck to you.....KIM
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    the only thing I can address is the epidural injection. I have chronic back pain with lots of damage and pain coming from just about every part of my spine. The lumbar epidural did not help me and I had it without sedation in a sitting position. The actual injection was a cake walk. The doc mentioned having more injections and the side effects were pretty bad for me. It compounded my sleep problems and increased my anxiety. I had a change in the pain for about a week. My back felt like there was less swelling and sharper pains.

    The best to you...Jan
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    them. They have helped me a lot. At first it took about a year before they lasted 3-4 months.

    Gary had the nerve block and epidurals they did't help him and one made the lower back pain worse. I would have a Dexy scan done first. Bone density scan that is.

    Good luck, Kim and Gary
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    I had cervical epideral 3 on my 3rd I had a scary reacton my heart stopped It was done in hosp. They even got scared needless to say. They did not last long enough for what I had to go through. I do get trigger point & they do help to break up those huge lumps and give me mobility in my arms etc. I ask for some sort of caine instead of steroids, Sometimes they were using depo medro, I find same relief from a caine. Get them about ever 3 mo. Used to get almost 30 at 1 time, it was the best, Now where I go get about 6 at a time neck & scapula, back of head. It dose leave you hurting next day due to toxins being broken up. I have such huge lumps in neck and upper back. Had a cluster headache in office and they gave me O2 & occipital block at that time. Most of my fm friend get inject., say they can not do without because it helps with mobility. Regular inject. are safer and working in clinic where people come in for inject. only are always painful 1st, but get some short term relief especially when they almost crawl in office. Do need someone who knows how to find right spot to inject. If they don`t they do not help. If you have any more questions ask. I am so sorry for your dilema & suffering, I truly relate!! Also do not take Hot shower for 2 days after.
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    I had 6 epidural type injections about a month ago with a doctor in Pensacola, FL. I drove from Louisiana to see him. I think any injections near your spine should only be done by a doctor who has had lots of experience. I have a herniated disk in my neck as well as fibromyalgia. I'm 28 years old. The injections improved my condition about 70%. I am now able to do some lite exercise. In another month I think I'll be even better.

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    Hi Lady,
    I'm so Sorry for you , I'v only had cortazone in knee"s ,It was a tempary releaver,
    You Said you have tryed med"s W/ Bad result"s ,don"t know how long ago that was, Ask your Dr to send you to a Pain Dr!!!! They can help alot,
    Me I have found oxicotten work"s best so far!
    I hate pill's ,And also have bad reation's in past ,And oxi took awhile for me to get usto,
    But like you ,Iv had this DD for 9 yr"s and was so tiered of the pain unbarable!!!!!!!!!!
    My Dr dosent give it out often , but remember"s how my life was before fibro, (arobics ,biking ect ,,,Cant do any of that any moor ,but w/ med"s and water thearaphy
    life is very much livable now,
    I still suffer pain at night and know I need a higher dose of oxi, but such is life,,
    Before ,the med"s & water , I begged God to bring me home,
    WE All have much to live for ,Dont give up , try oxi /or whatever ,Entill you find you'r releave ,It took me 8 yr's to get ANY Help
    God bless Sweet lady , cindy