injections into muscle spasms - anyone??

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    In addition to Fibro, I have a very painful condition called RSD. There are some others on here with it, so you may have seen it mentioned before. One of the really awful things about it is that it give you HORRIBLE muscle spasms. I have had one in my upper arm since September. It feels like half an egg stuck under my skin. I'm going to massage therapy 2 times a week, and all she works on is my arm and shoulder and we cannot get this worked out. I also do stretches etc. at home.

    My massage therapist mentioned that she wished she knew someone that did "Travell method" injections in our area. I said that my pain mgmt doc does trigger point injections, and she said call and ask. So, I called. His nurse called me back, and then said let me tell him.... then called back and said let him check on a few things - we will get back to you.

    She called today and said he is checking with collegues about using Botox, or maybe combined with baclofen, directly into the muscle. He has mainly done fibro and myofacial trigger point injections and not directly into large muscles in the past. I'm glad he's looking into this.

    Has anyone else had this before? I know folks get the fibro tender points injected, but how about muscle spasms? Have any of you had botox used on any muscles anywhere for spasm? I could really use some relief on this arm, so I'm hoping it helps (now insurance probably won't cover it!)

    Thanks so much......
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    Yes, it would be interesting to know how botox injections have helped others. I have never heard of baclofen along with botox. It's nice that this your doctor is looking into this. Please let us know if this helps with your RSD and muscle pain.

    Thank you also for your info concerning RSD. The last doctor I saw concerning my feet, a Rhematologist, believes that it's RSD. I'm waiting for another out-of-network authorization so I can go back to him for a follow-up. He also ordered some x-rays and blood-work. My PCP did say after I see him that I would see an Ansethesiologist for a Nerve Block, if the diagnosis is correct. From everything that I have read about RSD, it may be past the time for them to work. This has been going on for 13 months now. I am trying to remain positive while doing the waiting game.

    I sure hope you get some relief on your arm soon. Take care~


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    13 months is NOT to late.
    Do a search for braintalk and it should take you to a great message board. They have an RSD specific list. Many very experienced folks that will help answer all your questions. If you join, you can do all kinds of searches and learn SO much. Also, search for RSD and Puzzles. This will take you to a site of a doc that has now retired, but the puzzles are FULL of good info. The nerve blocks are 1st thing to try. In the mean time, a "burst" of prednisone made a world of difference to most of us. You can try that and it's not expensive. RSD is a nasty thing to have, but you are VERY luck to have found it so soon. Many wait years for a diagnosis. Mine was diagnosed in just a couple months, but that's cause I had a 1/2 sister with it.

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    I thought to do a search here.. and found a lot on botox!!! Most had it injected into trigger points.

    You can clearly feel this muscle spasm in my arm. It feels just like you took an extra large hard boiled egg, sliced it lengthwise, and slipped it under my skin. It is so painful.

    Anyone have injections of anything directly into a knotted up muscle spasm?
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    I did read about the "puzzles" and what that MD had to say.
    I will go to Braintalk and explore this too.

    Please keep me posted on your progress too, and how the Botox injections wok out for you. It helps to know I may get some relief from this. It just seems that not many doctors I have come across know how to treat it.

    You have been so veyr helpful, Jules.

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    bump for you
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    they have since called back and the nurse said he will use what he always uses after all... depo medrol. I don't want that because it's a steroid. I have had a lot of steroid since my injury. I'm hoping to get some info together to change his mind. I have printed out some info from the RSD sites on Botox. But, I'd like to know about anyone who has had baclofen or any other muscle relaxer used other than Botox. I think Botox would be the best, but it's really expensive.
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    Just wanted to share my experience.

    I had botox injected into my neck, and back muscles. Initially it made me a little weaker, but when combined with the neurologist's assignment to a physical therapist, my muscles have somewhat relaxed and I feel better.

    Granted, I have good days and bad days but I am pleased with the results. Soft tissues are still sore and I can't be the type of athlete I once was, but I function day to day better.

    I go next week for a subsequent injection. This time, he may go into the back of the head and other trigger points to address facial pain, which has subsided since my neck has improved but I am asking that we take a direct route as well.
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    Today I saw the Pain doc. He does not do the Botox - but knows the doc that gives seminars on it.

    He said my insurance won't cover it unless other injections are tried first.

    Sorry this is short.. can hardly type... .left side is not acting normal.

    I think he hit at least 50 spots - I am not kidding. Did the upper left side of my back, my shoulder and all up and down my bad arm and hand, also thorasic area. Used vials of med. He was GOOD at it. but still most spots hurt a lot. Very sore already, and RSD people cannot use ice - which is what they would normally recommend on the spots.

    We will know in a few days. I go back in 2 weeks. He will know by then if other doc will see me (possibly for no charge if insurance won't cover) to treat me for RSD with the botox. Says great improvement being madee in RSd and botox and the doc may be interested in treating me since I am so early in the RSD. Sorry, can't type well at all.

    more later when I know how well it worked. He used 3 meds - lidocaine, depo medrol and I think the other was ketamine which is used in rsd. I was not thinking to clear at that point he was telling me - LOL!


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