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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by daylilyfan, Oct 11, 2005.

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    I posted about getting injured in the shoulder during an exam for physical therapy back in the beginning of August. Still don't know what's causing the pain, but it is getting progressively worse. Have had X-ray (finding was arthritis consistant with my age) cortisone/lidocain injection, and MRI (finding was moderate tendonitis). Have had negative vein tests for clots. Symptoms include that my hand and arm are more red than the other side. I have some swelling but not a lot. Dull aching pain if I am not moving arm and it's in just the right position. Sharp, stabbing, severe pain if moving the wrong way. Pain that makes waves go over me, and I think I am going to throw up. Makes me cry. I can't lift my arm above my shoulder, like to comb my hair, can't hook my bra strap, can't reach over and touch my right shoulder. I can't even carry my supper plate in that hand. Pain radiates from shoulder across my back to cover my shoulder blade, and across the front to over my breast. Also up muscle on top of your collar bone and up my neck. Half way down my upper arm, it feels like I have been kicked in the arm repeatedly by a horse, or beaten with a ball bat. I have quite a bit of swelling in the back, down around my arm pit.

    And, to think I went in to the therapy with just some tightness across my neck and shoulders where the fibro tender points are. No problem at all with my shoulder joint.

    I have appt. with shoulder specialist 19th. Somehow I have to get by till then. I am still working, as for some reason, it does not bother me to work. I work at a computer, and have a desk that slants at the keyboard, and it's just perfect to lean the arm on. It is the only time of day the arm does not hurt past a 5.
    Nights are agony. I cannot sleep in any position. I am used to sleeping on that side, laying on that arm. Now, of course, I can't do that... I sleep on the other side, with the bad arm propped up on pillows. I dread going to bed because it is going to be so painful.

    My family Dr. has even prescribed Vicodin, then Vicuprophen (sp?) and she does not normally prescribe any pain meds. I think since my hands are different colors, she can't deny something is going on. They help some to sleep, but still, when I move wrong - they don't even dull the pain a little bit. My problem with them is that I work 2nd shift. If I take them in the morning, they are not worn off before I have to drive. I can't take them at work, for the same reason... they won't be worn off in the 8 hours before I have to go home. So, the only time I can take them is right after I get home at night. So I go 3/4 of the day without them.
    Other meds I take .....for Fibro are 275mg Topamax (broken into 3 doses) and I have plenty of Ultram, but no help for the shoulder.... I can take Motrin 800, but it has not been helping and I have been taking it round the clock for a month. I took prescription strength Aleve before that for a month. I also take Flexeril 10-50mg at night, but not supposed to take it with Vicodin, so have not been taking it at night this last couple weeks. I've tried tylenol, lidocain patches, bengay, a couple other "rubs", hot patches, heating pads. Hot showers, shower massages.
    I went to the family choirpractor (sp?) yesterday, and he said it seemed like torn shoulder muscles to him - he didn't want to mess with the shoulder. He did work on my lower arm, and on my neck and made it feel better, where I have been tense from the pain. He said I need to see the specialist.
    I get bad cramps and diareah (sp?) from the NSAIDs like Celebrex, Mobic,Vioxx, Bextra, Artritec etc. So we have not been using those, but have used the Motrin and Aleve instead.
    I've tried ice, but heat seems better. I have a TENS and have been using that several hours a day - I move it to different spots around my shoulder and arm.
    Dr. just called in Relafen 750 - I told her I will put up with the diareah etc... I need relief. I've not tried this one before.
    Do any of you have any ideas what I can take with this, or do for this???? I am about to go nuts here. I was "" this close to going to the emergency room last night. I don't want opiates - I want pain relief. I don't care if it's a shot in the arm, acupuncture, or a hammer to the kneecap, but I need some relief. If I don't get a couple nights of sleep soon, I don't know what I will feel like. I'm begging for just 4 hours of real sleep!
    I don't understand how I can be in this much real pain and nothing much shows on the MRI but moderate tendonitis. Does anyone know if the MRI results depend on the skill of the technicians? The woman I had seemed in a terrible hurry, and rather scatterbrained.
    I'd sure like to get my hands on that Physical therapist who did this to me!!!
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    It's really hard to figure out what this might be. I wonder if there is some nerve and/or blood vessel involvement if your hand and arm are a different colour. I'm surprised that the MRI didn't show anything.

    Did the lidocaine injection help at all? you might try that again. However, if it were me, I wouldn't wait. I would go to ER. I think you should be seen sooner by a specialist. Often, if you go to ER, that can happen if they think it is serious enough. Noone should have to suffer like this for so long without answers!

    Good Luck and let us know how you are.

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    you should not have to wait this long to see a specialist. But, I called, and they have me on the "if cancellation list"..... can't do much else but wait.

    Lidocain injection didn't do anything.

    The Relafen seems to be helping a bit tonight. Hope it does when I get home. Maybe if I can skip the vicodin and take a few Flexeril I can get some sleep.

    I just don't know what else to suggest! My family Dr. would be willing to try about anything I think. She suggested a "burst" of steroids, but that never makes me feel very well when I take those.

    I forgot to mention I've been running a couple degrees of fever with this. Choirpractor said it could be from the extream pain.

    I've had a lot of discomfort and pain in my years, with injuries and with the FMS and all that goes with it, but this shoulder thing has just worn on me. And, with it getting worse, and no one being able to tell me what it is..... it's very upsetting on top of it.

  4. elsa

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    Why hasn't the physical therapist been held accountable? Have you documented all conversations with the doctor who is helping you now while waiting to see specialist?

    I remember when this happened to you. The head lady at the physical therapy center didn't want to release you until you finished all the sessions or been re-evaluated. You stood firm and had her quaking in her boots.

    What is the lates on that? Thaey hurt you ... but the also riduculed you and called fibro patients babies or something like that. I hope you have someone standing up for you.

    Take care,Hon

  5. daylilyfan

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    I have been unable to keep a formal daily journal... with working and dealing with pain and all, it just never got done.

    but I have been documenting when I can't do things. Making notes such as couldn't do the weedeating because I can't stand the pain to get the thing started - and will have pictures of how the place is a weedy mess. How I always sell daylilies in the fall (usually about $3000 worth) but can't this year, cause I can't dig and ship. Stuff like that.

    Instead of calling Dr, I type notes and take them or fax them so they are in records. So I am trying to make a paper trail.

    I am waiting to see what specialist says before I go any further.

    As I understand it from my human resources dept., if I contact a lawyer, my insurance through my employer will stop paying. So, I pretty much have to wait and see what happens right now.

    I have not contacted the physical therapy place again since the incident.

    However, I am the one quaking now. I understand a lot of shoulder injuries are "healed" by physical therapy. What in the world am I going to do if I go to this specialist and he says "Gonna fix you right up. Just go to this physical therapy place, and let them evaluate you......"

    ARGH! I will be scared to death to have them touch me.
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  6. daylilyfan

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    finally was able to get a bit of sleep last night.

    So far no bad effects from the Relafen... but since I have had diareah from all the others, I keep waiting.... :-( I sure hope this one is different.

    Anyone have any other ideas for me on this shoulder? If you have had rotator cuff problems, what relieved the pain for you?

    If you had treatment for shoulder pain, what did they do?
  7. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    ...for more answers for daylilyfan. I'm wondering how you are doing. Have you found anything that works?

  8. daylilyfan

    daylilyfan New Member


    Well, this Relafen seems to be helping just enough that I can stand it. :)

    It says all over the bottle not to take with motrin. The only vicodin I have now is the script with the motrin in it :-( So I have gone back to round the clock Ultram.

    Next Wens. appointment seems years away.

    But, at least I can take enough flexeril with the Ultram and this Relafen to get some sleep. That is until I turn over and in doing so move my arm, and the pain wakes me up. Before, it hurt even without moving it, and I was getting very little sleep.

    I think later on, if I get a break at work, I will start a separate post asking about injury/lawsuits and ask what I should be doing to keep track of pain etc. to benefit myself.

  9. Pianowoman

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    It does sound like you are coping at least, although I'm sure with difficulty. It's too bad that you have to wait for the appt but......!

    Hang in there and keep us posted.


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