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    Can anyone tell me ifFMcan start after a traumatic injury I use to be acop and one day I had to dive out of the way before being hit by the car I was chasing. Well when I did so I landed on my left hip, and that is whenn all my problems started. I startedhaving alot of pain throughout my body, but mostly on the left side. Thisinjury took place in 1999, and I was just diagnosed in March.
    I also wanted to know if repeated lower back surgeries would cause disabling flare ups. I can tell when I start having a flare up, because I hurt all over my limbs start gettin tingly and I want to sleep all the time.
    Any info on this would really be appreciated.
  2. Lynna62

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    While no one really knows what causes FMS, it is widely known that it can be triggered by stress, trauma, surgery, illness and probably a bunch of other things my foggy brain can't remember right now.

    As far as flare-ups go, they can be caused by all the same things, plus much, much more.

    I'm sorry this is so vague.....I'm in alot of pain right now. Have you tried doing a message board search ? perhaps you could search "flare ups" "injury" get the idea.

    I'll try to come back to this tomorrow when I will hopefully be more clear.


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