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    Just a thought about the Zyprexa thread earlier. I went to the injuryboard site and read the info. I guess I am sort of middle of the road on this one because I definitely agree that we must be careful with trying every new drug that comes along. Phen-fen was a good lesson. However, as someone who used to work in the medical field, I remember when Prozac first came out and some people tried to claim that it drove them to kill or commit suicide. When you thought about it, the people taking Prozac already had psychiatric issues and maybe the Prozac just didn't work in time before they worsened. Anyway, Prozac is still on the market and doing millions of people a world of good.

    So, maybe there is a link between zyprexa and diabetes--hard to tell at this point. Maybe the link is because of the weight gain--but steriods cause weight gain and they could be linked too. But steriods saved my grandmother's life. Pros and cons to everything.

    As for the injuryboard site, I wouldn't use them as my exclusive site for medication information. Any site that also gives you a link to contact an attorney probably has ulterior motives (kind of like the "if you've been injured in an automobile accident" commerical on tv.)

    Just my thoughts. No intention to offend.