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    I am going to a try a new primary doctor who belongs to a "medical group". They have a good reputaton, and I have great hopes. Here's the question:

    I went to a Dr. who is in this group, a long tme ago (or at least he was, he's no longer on the website list, so I don't really know), and I was very disappointed. He absolutely would not listen to me, and my heart was affected by a medication that he would not take me off of. We did not part on very good terms.

    I'm a bit worried that my new doctor will be affected by this, as the doctors in this group discuss their patients. The records onn on a central file. I wonder if I'm wasting my time.

    Does anyone have any experience with a group of close knit doctors? I would appreciate any hints, so that I can do whatever is necessary to make this a positive experience. I really need a new, and good, doctor!

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    I would call and ask specifically if the doctor you're going to be seeing has experience AND success with cfs/fm patients or at least the specific ailment you want to get treated for. If not, I wouldn't waste my time. I've wasted so much money on doctors who have no clue. good luck, karen
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    You say you went to one of the doctors in this group a long time ago, and he doesn't appear to be affiliated with them anymore. That's good news! Maybe the group dropped him because he was incompetent :)

    Even if he is still part of the group, I doubt he can exert much influence over your new doctor. I'm sure much has changed regarding your health since then, and you want what's going on now addressed, not the past.

    I went to a clinic once and saw several doctors there. They seemed, if anything, to ignore most of the previous docs notes. I got three different opinions on treatment!

    I also have a primary care physician who is part of a group. She is the only one who has somewhat of a grasp on CFS. I only go to one of the other docs in the group if she is unavailable and I have something urgent that's not CFS related. They treat me well, even the ones who are clueless about CFS.

    I don't think you're wasting your time by going to this new doctor. Chances are, he may not even be aware of your record. Or, if he is, he may consider it too outdated to be of much use.

    A good doctor will listen to you, and pay attention to you, not a previous doctor's impressions.

    I do suggest that you tell this doctor of your symptoms, leaving out any "labels" that you may have received for them in the past (including CFS/FMS). That way, he/she may see your health problems as an intellectual challenge and be energized to help you.

    If things do not go well, you've at least tried. It's only one visit. You won't know whether this doc will be helpful or not unless you go. I know it's stressful to go to a new doctor, but it sounds like this is a worthwhile thing for you to do.

    Remember, if you're uncomfortable with the visit, you don't have to go back. YOU are in charge; not the group.

    Good luck!
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    In the year since I have been so sick here, I have seen and changed pcp's maybe 5 times.

    The first doctor I called when all this started was with a family practice and was in the middle of this group breaking up. He was going to be a "Doctors On Duty."

    My wife and I had been going to this group for years and just took whoever was available. ( I only went maybe once or twice a year previous to all this and nothing too serious at that )

    This doctor was too busy to squeeze me in that first two weeks even though I was calling he and his practice in a frantic state. Because this particular doctor had seen me more than the other doctors his office shifted me to him.

    He would return my calls at the end of the day and kept telling me on the phone that if I felt that bad I should just go to the ER. I did this about 4 to 5 times in the first two weeks. The ER started calling the psych ward. I told them my doctor kept telling me to go there.

    I never saw him again.

    The second pcp I saw spent the first 5 minutes of our first meeting together looking at my hosptial records on his lap top and said " Ah Ha! I know what your problem is !" "It's depression!"

    Take these anti-depressants and digestive ensymes and see me in two weeks.

    I went back that second time sicker and in more pain all over than ever and when he found out I hadn't started the anti-depressants he pulled his chair up next to me and with a pointed, shaking finger lectured me like a very angry junior high school teacher. He told me no doctor wants to treat a patient who complains about vague "weakness and pain" and then won't listen to their doctors. I didn't think I was vague in describing my pain, I pointed to the areas that hurt the most!

    It was so quick, humiliating and shocking I didn't have the thought reflecting time to get angry.

    But I left him that day. The next pcp I finally got into see weeks later. It takes months sometimes to get a new pcp and get your first appointment. And in our physical state this is torture, seriously.

    This new doctor did order tests in the areas I was complaining about pain in. These tests revealed a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder. My lower back, buttock area had a fractured vertebrae. My stomach middle intestinal area was so inflammed two out of three GI doctors diagnosed it as beginning Crohns Disease!
    My neck pain complaint area turned out to be damaged disks, even though perhaps degenerative.

    I was also found to have mild gastritis,diverticulosis, two samll cysts on my left kidney, a mildy enlarged prostate..etc, etc

    All this was found AFTER that first PCP told me all my pain complaints were just from "depression!" Can you believe the negligence, arrogance and incompetence of that first pcp ???

    My last pcp also finally turned off to me completely. All he did the last 5 times I saw him was repeat this one line over and over..." I know you don't want to hear this...but I believe most of your phsyical problems are coming from the psychological area."

    Now, I am seeing a psycho-therapist every week and a psychiatrist for the first time in my life over the obvious depression and anxiety from this year long crisis. Who wouldn't have these emotional maladies after going through this nightmare?

    But because this PCP could not find a "definitive" clinical test result cause to explain my most complained about phsyical ailments ( worsening pain in my muscles all over,constant intestinal pain, weak, nausea, fainty feelings and continued pain and unbelievable "haywire" feelings all inside with everything from bladder to cold sensitivity ) ... he just latched on to the psychological end of it and wouldn't let go.

    If he came to the ER when I went there...a few minutes after he left the psych ward people would come in. And they admitted that he called them to do this. They would interview me and always leave saying " they aren't needed." But talk about humiliating and discouraging! I left him two weeks ago but he refuses to release my records to my new pcp until I pay his office the $80 in co-pays that I owe him and don't have right now. My personal family economic situation is just ruined. RUINED!

    Co-pays at $20 to $40 a pop take half my disability check.

    I just had my first meeting 2 weeks ago with a new PCP. Hopefully he will be more receptive. I don't have my hopes up though. I have learned that almost all PCP's if they feel pressured or uncomforatable with you...will find someway to discourage you from staying with them.

    I don't expect them to do much after dealing with them for this last year. But you MUST have one to admit you to a hospital or refer you to another specialist or to order new tests and treat you in a crisis like vomiting or fainting etc.

    But, with this incredible illness that it sounds like you have and what I have ( difficult to diagnose but torturing at the same time ) most doctors do not want these cases.

    I have posted many times on this board. Overall my posts are about how shocked I am at how torturous this condition is and yet, paradoxically, how most doctors shy away from treating it, get angry with patients suffering with it, and just try to shove it into the psychological realm. It is a nightmare in this regards as well as it's incredible pain and body ruining aspects. And throw in financial and family ruining aspects.

    Good luck with your new doctor. Some are compassionate. Hope you find one of these.
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    Maybe it would be helpful to print out some of the information on the CDC's CFS website for your doctor. It can be found at The "toolkit", found under info for health providers, is a good resource to start with if you're dealing with someone who keeps giving you the "psych" label.
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    for your responses. What a shame that so many of us have a hard time finding a doctor. I wonder why these people are in the medical business, anyway, beause they certainly can't take a challenge!

    Thanks, again,

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