Inositol for Anxiety

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    I don't really have an anxiety, but do find at times my body ends up in a tense, nerve pain condition. I've been taking Inositol for a while now, but never knew if one could take too much....I was taking probably no more than 500mg two times per day, some times 3 times per day. I found this info to be helpful on dosing Inositol...always go slow with your body and dose up as needed...just reading some more sites on the value of Inositol for relaxation etc but DO GO SLOWLY if you have not been taking it...I've been taking it for some time, so I will probably go up to 2000 mg per day for a while and see how that "feels"...often I can feel my body kinda melt away the pain/tension in muscles.‎
    Dec 29, 2013 - Once you have found the right dosage for your body, inositol is typically .... so you can take more of it than prescription drugs, but too much of ...
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    Thanks for the website Jam. I was just researching Inositol the other day as I am developing a lot of anxiety issues and I don't want to increase my benzos. I think I'll give it a try. Do you use the powder or the capsules?

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    Barry, I use caps but may buy a powder soon and even add some to my MSM drink I make every morning....powder gets into the bloodstream so much faster....I'm ordering more now so may get some powder....

    Maybe 5-6 yrs ago I had a panic attack and ended up in the ER and they gave me Lorazepam there...and then I ended up getting Lorazepam from my MD to keep and take 1/4 tab as needed....I still have some Lorazepam but haven't taken any for some time.... At that period I was messed up with my daughter's mess....she's good NOW, I hope....letting go helps so much....Alanon saved me has Science of Mind principles....jam
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    Well, I just did a test, opened a 500mg capsule and emptied it into a glass of water, squeezed a bit of lemon juice and drank it down and not bad at all, actually very I won't be buying powder for now, just open the caps and go that between some caps..I figure I'm taking upwards of 2000mg per far so good.