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    I have had CFS/ME/FM since 1994. I have been to every doctor that 'thinks' he knows about it in the Louisiana area. In Baton Rouge, I quit counting at 35 doctors. I have had 5 pcp's just this year. Their reason for dismissing me, "my case is too complicated and takes too much time and the medicine is more than I like to prescribe." I notice all these clinics around the US but that is what they are, a one time visit. To really evaluate, treat, and send you home with a plan should take about at least a week or two. These 'walk-in' clinics want you to go to a hotel somewhere. I will do good to take a taxi to the clinic and go through the routine and then find one to get back to the hotel where then you have to find something to eat. I went to a headache clinic in Houston for a one week evaluation (migraines before 1994) that was attached to a hospital. I stayed at the hospital and had 3-4 sessions a day with different doctors, therapists, etc. and then would walk through the under the street tunnel to the hospital and climb in my bed. I had my 3 meals and other pt but when I said 'enough' I was finished for the day, had my dinner and went to sleep. ME/CFS needs to include pt, ot, some sort of relaxation/meditation therapy, lite exercise - tai chi, aqua aerobics, and some sort of mental therapy because face it, we are all by now very depressed. Is there a place in the US like this? I found a 'retreat' complete with drs and staff, and all of the above, also with detoxing your body for a mere $32,000 per month - cash up front. It is reimbursable by insurance but I don't want to second mortgage my house so that went out of the window. If anyone knows of such a place (I would even stay the 30 days) please let me know. I can be contacted at I normally do have the strength to blog and chat but I will respond to emails. Thanks for the information.

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