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    Email write speak to your local groups post everywhere NEVER GIVE UP. of course this is not an easy battle but we can win the war it may not happen overnight but rome wasn.t built in a day....
    We refuse to be discriminated against and our human rights abused

    Input on CDC CFS Strategic Research Plan

    Between April 15 and July 30, 2009, CDC received just over 1,000 e-mails in
    response to a request for input to its 5-year CFS strategic plan. Most of
    the e-mails utilized material from the CFIDS Association of America’s Web
    site or supported CFIDS recommendations, reflecting the effectiveness of
    CFIDS advocacy efforts. We greatly appreciate this overwhelming response,
    since it provided an opportunity for members of the CFS community to share
    their concerns.

    Some emails from the general public provided comments specific to the
    strategic research plan and we also received comments on the strategic plan
    from two scientific societies (the International Association for Chronic
    Fatigue Syndrome, and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine),
    scientific investigators, health care providers, and patient advocacy groups
    (CFIDS Association of America, Pandora, Connecticut CFIDS & FM Association,
    National Women´s Health Network, Rocky Mountain CFIDS/FMS Association,
    Phoenix Rising, Wisconsin ME/CFS Association, Share Care & Prayer, CFSActs,
    National CFIDS Foundation, Invest in ME - UK).

    CDC´s CFS research program is currently categorizing comments concerning the
    strategic plan into specific subject areas.

    To see the full CFS Public Health Research Program Draft 5-year Strategic
    click here (links to a
    page last modified on May 29, 2009).

    Page last modified on September 1, 2009
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    Thanks for the update.

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    ok guys so they have 1000 emails letters LETS TRY TO DOUBLE THAT
    all those who wrote get your family to write too. friends those who care about you get them to write. give them the ready prepared letters what ever makes it easy for them

    if a thousand people wrote and each one of those got one friend to write then that would make it 2000 and if 2 others for every one who wrote them that would be 3000 letters

    we may not be able to cure ourselves by positive thinking but positive action like we have been doing can lead to treatment research better care and children not getting taken into care when they are ill with ME.

    we must make our voices heard loud and clear.


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