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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheila1366, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    Last night just got to much and today may be a repeat.The pain was so intense in my legs that I was about to go crazy.And it didn't just have to hurt in my legs but every.I took my flexeril,2 ultram and 2 trazadones.The pain never stopped but I just eventually past out from the medicine I took.I can see how people can get addicted to pain medicine.For me it wasn't so much the pain medicine as it was the sleeping pills.

    I also found out yesterday that my aunt has lupus and RA.She and I have alot in common.I talked to her yesterday and it was like hearing myself talk.My mother knows very little about her families health history so talking to my aunt was very helpful.Come to find out my grandpa had severe RA.I never thought anything about the way my grandpa walked and how his hands looked different.He never complained he always was so sweet and loving to me.My RA has asked about the ache on my face that just so happens to make a butterfly shape on my face.It's not acne but it looks like a rash.I did see a dermatlogist about it a few years ago and she said it was roseca.I had another dr. tell me I had lupus because of the way my skin looked.All bloodwork has come back negative for lupus and RA.My aunt found out just this week about her condition and she has been ill most all her life.Plus I don't think that she was getting the best medical care from the VA hospital.

    I am scared of having this pain everyday for the rest of my life.

  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    IS THE PITS FOR SURE IT JUST SEEMS TO DO WHAT IT WANTS WHEN IT WANTS. MINE HAD SETTLED DOWN TO STEADY ACHE YESTERDAY BUT TODAY AND IN NIGHT THE LEFT LEG FEELS LIKE IT IS ABOUT TO DROP OFF BURNING, SHOOTING ACHING ETC. I HAVE RHEUMY AT LAST FEB 2nd (only had to wait four months to see one in New York State) I have even thought is it Pagets Disease as I have a relative with this(diff. from Pagets breast disease Paget also discovered bone disease) I cannot think where the pain suddenly appears from. Still I promise my son each day that we do stretches to one tune and then danceercise to another every day as it seems to make no difference. Then I am out for a walk as I will not let this pain drive me insane, but it sure wants to so big sympathy and hugz. Anne
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    Hi Sheila, I am scared to. I have this leg pain you are speaking of also along with a million other odd symptoms. My Doc put me on Cymbalta and it has really helped my with the pain. Before I went on Cymbalta, I took many pain killers daily and none of it really helped. At times I just couldnt even walk. Its also tiring to continue to go back to the Doc especially knowing half of them think we are all crazy. But we have to help ourselves with this DD as the medical community seems to just wish we would go away.

    I mentioned I am scared also. What I try to do to control my fear is not to look out past today. Its to overwhelming. Who knows a cure could come and all of our worry about the future would have been wasted energy. Use your energy to get out of this flare, stay focused on that and try to get yourself to a managable state so you can have some quality of life. Lynda
  4. fivesue

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    My legs and back have been just killing me the last few days, and I can absolutely relate to your problem. I'm so sorry, but I am glad you got rest even if you took meds; don't think you'll get hooked from what you took last night.

    Pain does come and go,thankfully. It seems there is always pain, but it is sometimes very much less than others. I can't think of the rest of my life or I'd go mad. I have to think today and live it...a hard lesson I've learned, but it is easier to consider dealing with pain when I have it, not thinking about what's coming. But this way of thinking isn't natural for me. (-:

    Hope you're feeling better today. Try to rest or do something you like today. Be good to yourself.


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