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    i'm just freaking out lately.

    i have to do summer school this summer, starting {i think} sometime in early july.

    for one, even though i walk my dogs for about an hour and a half every one to three days, i STILL cannot stay out of the house ANY longer than two and a half hours at the MOST without getting extremely ill.

    even just working on this final for the past few days has me run down and sick.

    i know i'm going to have to do at least two, and possibly THREE summer school classes this summer, ALL in the same days and the same month.

    i don't know what to do at all...the two classes i know i'll have to take are MCAS math and MCAS english, since i had to drop out of most of my classes this year, and i couldn't take MCAS because one of the classes i dropped was honors chem.

    i'm stressed as hell. my guidance counselor told me that there is little or no homework for summerschool classes, but its still three to four hours a day CONCENTRATING the entire time and actually KNOWING what i've learned.

    i couldn't even make it to one fourth period class, only an hour and a half, a day this semester. i don't know HOW i'm going to spend four hours in a hot and humid school feeling horrible and having to actually answer questions.

    i'm scared that i won't be better by september. i don't CARE if i miss out on summer this year, it's not like i'll do anything even if i'm not in school this year, i can barely get out of the house. and if i miss out on another semester i'll be held back, and i won't go to college on time and it'll just ruin everything.

    i mean, i know how much i want this, and how much i know it would hurt me emotionally if i got held back, which is probably the only thing that'll get me out of bed at 8 int he morning.

    it's absolutely ridiculous. i can't sleep until almost one and a half hours after i take my lunesta. my mom doesn't want me to go back to ambien because apparently i act REALLY drugged up, and i hallucinate. i still do on lunesta, but it's not as bad.

    also, if you TRY to wake me up while i'm still asleep, i can't physically get up. i just fall back asleep, and it's not a "lazy teen" sort of thing, i just can't move from exhaustion. i end up drifting in and out like i'm on heavy painkillers in the i don't know how i'm gonna get up in time for school, which is at 8, possibly earlier.

    i just don't know how i'm gonna get through it. a full month of summer school every day for three or four hours montday through friday. even the thought of it is absolute ludicrous, considering i couldn't even make it to school for more than three days in a row, and most of those days i went home early.

    is there ANYTHING that will REALLY help energy levels without caffeine?

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    can your school get you a tutor to come to your hosue, since you obviously have trouble attending school. I know when my niece had a bad car wreck a few years ago, and couldn't leave the house, the school sent a tutor every day with her school work and heled teach her at home. They will be doing the same this fall with my nephew who will be having surgery on both legs in august. I'd call and find out about it.