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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by decrepitoldoot, Dec 4, 2006.

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    I am new here and have not been diagnosed with Fibro yet. It has been hard to find a doctor that will consider it even thogh today I did reeive a call from a Reumetologist that may.
    I need insight from those who have had fibro for some time and can give some insight as to if my symptoms fit and what stage it might be.
    About 2 years ago I collapsed at work with chest pains that progressed to my arms, hands, legs, and up into my neck.
    From that time on these pains got worse and more frequent. I started getting sent home from work when co-workers would notice me not being able to hide the pain and the brain-fog that started.
    I went to the ER many times and was tested for heart attack, stress and anxiety. all testing came back clear. Even my lungs showed clear.
    Still I had no energy and it progressively got worse. My employment went down to one day a week. Leg pains and leg lock combined with knee pains and made life bad.
    After a while the neck pain was staying and the pain in my back was consisteant as well.
    Sleep disappeared as either pain or the feeling of bugs crawling on me kept me awake. I would get up and take a bath just to make sure no bugs were on me. No use though.
    Now I have headaches every day and they end up like migraines where I feel as though I'm gonna puke. Driving is history and since I can't remember the second half of a sentence at times I don't even like frequent onversation. Posting on websites is a challenge as I have to keep making corrections when I forget what I'm talking about and get things out of order.
    I was just wondering if some of you that have had fibro for some time or are in the advanced stages can give me some insight to whether or not I have the signs and if so what stage.
    I have had two therapists that believe that is what I have but they aren't qualify to speak out. They are physical therapists I was sent to for a physical endurance test whih is a joke. To hold down a job (which I can't) requires strength that lasts longer than 4 seconds.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. victoria

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    I also strongly suggest you get tested for Lyme...

    also, the feeling of bugs crawling could indicate Morgellon's Disease, there is a website for it if you google it. The latter is maybe beginning to be taken seriously instead of being dismissed as psychological... and is often related to Lyme.

    There are also coinfections usually or instead of Lyme... tests are unreliable, the best way is to try a trial of abx from a Lyme-literate MD. Try, they have a lot of links there, also flash net lyme.

    all the best,

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