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    DOES ANYONE ELSE RELAPSE OR SEEM TO CATCH EITHER A VIRAL/BACERIAL INFECTION WHENEVER THEY HAVE NO SLEEP DURING THE NIGHT? It always seems to happen to me, and that is why I dread having insomnia..I also have increased heart rate, after I have worked too hard, which leads to insomnia..So it is a never ending cycle..which I am now experiencing again...AMELIA
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    ~~~I just caught your post-
    Oh, yeah, after a night or two with no or little sleep, I get all my CFS signs- full sinuses, cough, swollen glands, I feel fever-ish, but I'm usually sub-normal, and Very tired, but not enough to sleep, just enough to feel Rotten! Etc! And I have had the racing heartbeat thing- I try to do something and soon I lose my breath and my heart pounds and I get dizzy. My main complaint is FM and pain.
    Is that yours? How are you doing now?
    Any one else out there with similar?