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    Seroquel is the top shelve for sleep. I use 100mg and get 10-12 hours solid sleep, bit hung over. read that others take less but u have to find that sweet spot. I am going to try less and see what happens. I use it once or twice a week, sort of resets the brain for another week. Took me awhile before i took the plunge as there are some horror stories but i think there are probably more success stories there just not told. I would recommend starting at 25mg and increase it in 25mg increments till u hit the sweet spot, then use this dose intermittently to avoid tolerence and side effects. Also read that 200mgs gives the maximum sedating effect. I do alternate with other sleep combo's. Lyrica with seroquel is also really good quality sleep.

    Doxepin and valium is my next favourite. Valium gets u to sleep and doxepin keeps you there, and its good quality sleep too. Lots of other things i have found effective but these are my top 2.