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    Hi, Friends

    Please help! It's been months now that I totally cannot sleep. My GP prescribed Dormanoct, a strong sleeping pill but it causes me short term memory loss! And the fibro-fogg is worse enough on it's own, I don't need memory loss too!!!

    What do you use for insomnia? Any herbs, homeopathic preparations?

    Nor anti-depressants nor medications like Xanor helps.

    Please help!! I'm a health hazard for the people around me. Forever walking into people/things, breaking cups. You get the picture.

    Please help me to sleep!!!! (Before I go insane!!!)

  2. Jgavi

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    Well I am in the same boat!

    I have tried many things...Trazadone works now or habit forming,it isnt a controlled substance. The Dr will write out a scrip for you.

    All the natural stuff I have tried and it worked for a short time...did you try Melatonin and 5 HTP? (the book is by Michael Murray called BOOST YOUR SEROTONIN LEVELS, you need to find the right doseage and the book helps you with the dose.) This stuff is cheap and at most stores.

    That worked for awhile but I had to go to the Dr and get the stronger stuff....because after about 6 months the 5HTP and melatonin didnt work that well.

    Hormones might be off, did you have those checked?