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    For all of you who have trouble sleeping, you might get your adrenal gland tested. You suck on a cotton swab four times a day and have them tested for adrenalin. I foung out that my glands did not release any adrenalin during the day but started about 10:00 PM. So I was up most of the night even though I was exausted. I have been on B5 for a year now. After living without sleep for years and trying all the sleep medicines out there, I can now sleep through the night and get up feeling rested and I am now in less pain. Our bodies have so many malfunications that it takes a long time to sort all of them all out.
  2. llama

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    Hi Ladies,

    I have the exact same problem. I drag around all day physically and mentally exhausted and then boom about
    10pm I feel the best I do all day.

    I used to think it was due to working night shift for so many years (11pm-7:30am), and at the time it served me well. While the rest of my coworkers were swilling down coffee and looking bleary eyed I was bright eyed and bushy tailed (well maybe the bushy tailed is carrying it too far). Now that I can no longer work this schedule is driving me crazy!

    Thanks for the info on the adrenal gland test. I continually learn new and useful things from you guys!
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    I usually have no problem falling asleep whatsoever but I wake up in 2-3 hours and I am hyper and feel like I am ready to run a mile! I felt like that way also right after the birth of each of my 3 kids. Of course I have a hard time falling back asleep after that and keep getting more and more exhausted. Hyper but still exhausted. No doctor around here looks for answers. I've been told it's not worth it and would only make things more complicated. Still waiting on more test results as they finally tested my ANA levels and they were positive. I've been dx with this for 20 years. Boy, if I have something else I'm going to ask for an apology!! Thanks for the info pv.
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    I am a night stalker too. Think my insurance would pay for such a test? I do take an extra B vitamins supplements that has all the B's in it. It has 100 mg of the B5. Maybe this isn't enough?

    I sometimes have trouble making myself go to sleep because I know I'll feel worse when I wake up (kinda like stabbing yourself in the foot on purpose). Along with the "normal" pains I have such bizarre and many times realistic, sometimes disturbing dreams that I dread going to sleep. All the dreaming makes me feel like I've been working in overdrive and I'm so exhausted and grogy when I wake up. I don't want to wake up, but I don't want to dream any more, either. What happens most of the time is I have to talk myself into waking up and getting up, because it's already 1 pm or 2 pm, and I have to take my "morning" medicine (wellbutrin, but that's another story) and take care of my dogs & cat.

    Huh, here I am a whining again. I'd go get some cheese, if I could eat it (allergic). ;) huh.
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    Well im definatley gonna ask because im totally messed up i dont go to sleep gor 2-3 days at a time and when i do start im fallin asleep i still hear everything and my eyes pop right open and that s it like a cat nap thats it. i dont have alot of energy but see with my fm i cant sit more than 30 min so all day i get up every 30min to walk around my house and i lay down throughout the day and night constant shifting. when i walk my house i walk til my body burns all over thats only 15 minutse and legs weak and shake harder than usual i have pd symptoms and going through process of getting somekind of diagnosis. anywho. i wouldnt say im hyper but i am completely a messed up insomniac i will ask. thanx for that info i learn alot of great stuff here.
  6. pv

    pv New Member

    I started with 1000 mg. I took 500mg at breakfast and 500mg at lunch. I now take 500. I went off of it for a while because I ran out and I slowly started to go to sleep later and later so I am back on it now and am getting back to a regular schedule. Hope this helps some of you. Get tested first though. My Dr. is both a MD and a Naturalpath(sp). Good luck and I hope this helps.

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