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  1. yosemite

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    Can anyone help. I can only sleep only 2 or 3 hours at nite before I wake up. It happens all the time. I tried diff meds no luck. Tried teas no luck.
  2. hehmommy

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    My husband gets insomnia real bad from his BiPolar and the doctor prescribed him Ambien. He is now able to get atleast 7 hours without waking. :)
  3. fairydust39

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    Hi Yosemite,
    I take Klonopin a muscle relaxant,and I switch off and take Excedrin PM. If you take the same thing every night some times you get immune to it. Klonopin is prescrption drug and of course Excedrin PM is OTC. If you have pain the Excedrin PM is best but Klonopin is a better relaxant. Hope you get some good sleep.
    HUGS Shirley
  4. astareae

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    Hi, I sure do relate to this. I am at this time taking 5 mg ambien, a half of a .05 Xanax, and 1 mg melatonin. And it only works sometimes, and only for about 4-6 hours. I would do anything for long deep sleep. Teas did not help me either, valerian is good but the smell is so repulsive I can't use it. There is a new forulation I have considered trying by Dr Tietelbaum, who works with chronic fatigue, its a natural combo of things. I have not tried it yet but you might look into it.
    Good luck
  5. stressfree

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    It all boils down to stress/anxiety and over active brain patterns. Leanr to eliminate these and it'll work much better than any drug.