Inspirational lyrics to "The Golden City"

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    lyrics (in a couple of places, approximate) to the lovely song, "The Golden City" by Mal Pope and Julie Costello
    (Hearing this song always makes me a good sort of way.)

    Soon your trials will be over
    offered up my mercy's hand
    a better view from where you're standing
    going to another land

    Sweetest welcome by the Father
    gathered up and carried home
    We are past the time for waiting
    Come let us bow before your throne

    We will meet in the Golden City in the New Jerusalem,
    all our pain and all our tears will be no more.
    We will stand with the host of heaven and cry,
    Holy is Lamb!" We will worship and adore You evermore.

    Never can the powers of darkness, life, nor death, nor even
    Let nothing ever separate us from the Holy Love of God.

    Chorus Repeat

    We will meet, we will meet, yeah, we will meet.
    Yeah, we will meet. We're gonna' meet again, yeah.

    We will worship and adore You evermore.

    Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb.
    Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb.

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