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    Hello, we are making inspirational
    videos of 3-4 min. We are looking for people with a
    health issue, the drama may have been overcome or not. if you have resolved your
    problem, we want to know how they did resolved it.

    it will go online, and the
    site isn't online yet.
    The goal is to inspire people, share personal journeys
    through pain and diseases. The general public will
    have to these videos.
    You don't focus on the medical or scientific side, but
    on the personal side, both physical and emotional.

    to be involved with these videos you will be interviewed.
    the interviews are of a duration of
    about one hour + some b-roll, which consists of videos
    of the person in action, such as walking, something in
    relation with what the person says.
    The whole thing should be around 1:30 hour.

    i hope some are interested. it can help yourself, and others.