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    My 16 yr. old D has CFS (finally diagnosed last month) but has been gradually developing it over the last 3-4 years.
    I've been trying to read whatever I can to understand what to do to help her...

    Sometimes she comes to me and mentions certain foods she wants...and it's always around the time I am just reading that this is what she should be eating!!... It's as if instinctively, her system knows what it needs to help in the healing/recovery process....

    Anyone else experience this?

    I located a nutritionist for autoimmune diseases...
    should I still see her or just listen to my daughter's instincts/cravings???!!!

    Can you all recommend dietary supplements that have helped too?

    Who does a test to determine what your body needs nutritionally? What is that test called?

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    I instinctively found a lot of things that have helped my FM before I ever knew what I had, so I find I'm way ahead in the game from where I would be if I had started at the time of my diagnosis. But I also used to crave the very thing that was making me miserable: refined wheat. I downed the bread, pasta, donuts, cake, etc. like there was no tomorrow. Once I quit eating it I felt SO MUCH better. So sometimes cravings can be totally wrong, too. Throw a little research in with the instinct. Full reliance on either one without the other is what will get you into trouble.
  3. Renae 2

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    Anybody know some teenager-satisfying recipes that replace the pastas and pizza with equal joy!!???

    I get so confused by what I read. One article said NO to pasta, and another said yes, eat it!

    So all dairy is bad for CFS?

    For a long stretch of time, I gave D soy...she got sick of it. I thought it might help her hormonal balance, & menstrual time be less traumatic. I saw no big results.

    The past year, she took SeaSilver, a supplement with lots of vitamins/minerals. It seemed that she caught fewer viruses, so we are continuing with it.

    What's this about "absorption" troubles with CFS persons?
    What nutrients aren't absorbed? Does it help to take increased dosages?

    Recently we added PS 100 phosphatidyl serine. And now we added flaxseed oil.

    What else helps nutritionally??
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    Your teenager doesn't have to give up pasta. There are several non-wheat pastas which I eat all the time. I personally don't believe giving up all carbs is as important as giving up all wheat. I eat brown rice pasta and quinoa pasta all the time and it's great. Of course, I don't have CFS, I have FM. Anyway, you can also get good rice and almond bread that is good toasted. When the family is having pizza, I put pizza sauce and cheese on it and broil it, and it satisfies me. Also, I used to have a real problem with dairy until I gave up wheat. After about a year without wheat, I could eat dairy again with very little problem, so I eat cheese now a couple of times a week. I never drink a glass of milk, but I can have a bowl of ice cream once in awhile with no problem. You kind of have to experiment a bit. If you're putting her on a low-carb or no-carb diet, the health food stores are really starting to cater to Atkins dieters and carry a lot of alternatives that are worth checking out. You can also get wheat-free pizza crusts, muffins that are very good, and cake and cookie mixes that are delicious (you may have to special order them). If you're cutting out all carbs, however, you'll have to deal with an unhappy teenager for about a month until the carb cravings die down. After that it won't be so bad. Good luck!