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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TerriM, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. TerriM

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    Hi, I have a question for anyone out there who has insulin resistance. I have it, but am unable to take Glucophage right now because of my hypersensitivity situation. They tried me on a low dose, but I kept getting low blood sugars. I am watching my sugar and eating lots of veggies and complex carbs plus protein . . . has anyone tried taking Chromium or Brewer's Yeast for IR? I've heard it helps, but was wondering if anyone has tried . . . Thanks! Terri
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    I take a "yeast-free", not from brewer's yeast Chromium Picolinate, which is suppose to keep your blood sugar more stabilized.. and I have noticed that I don't tend to crave sugar or high glycemic foods nearly as much..LOL, AMELIA
  3. TerriM

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    I had read you can use Chromium Picolinate, but that the Brewer's Yeast type controls the insulin problem better . . . I was concerned because I already have yeast infection problems and have no idea if the brewer's yeast would make that worse! Terri
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    This has had some bad press and some health risks associated with taking the picolinate form of chromium. I cant remember all and dont have it in me to look it up but if there is a hint of bad I'm not going to take it. Chromium polynicotinate is suppose to be safer.
    The brewers yeast I have no knowledge of.
  5. Mikie

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    This usually means lots of stuff made with white flour which metabolizes as sugar. White rice, white flour, white potatoes, all forms of sugar, and high starch veggies must be eliminated in order to combat IR. Get the book, "The Nutritional Guide To Syndrome X," and follow the guidelines. The Suzanne Somers or Atkins diets are also excellent for IR. I have lost 24 pounds on the Somers diet and my blood pressure and lipids have all gone back down to normal.

    BTW, avoid all processed foods as they usually contain all kinds of crappy stuff.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Lendi

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    My daughter has polycystic ovary syndrome *PCOS* which is pretty much a female version of syndrome x with a little more thrown in. Anyway, she does take glucophage xr (have you tried the xr formula, some can take that when they can't take the regular form) for insulin resistance. There is a book called the "Insulin resistance diet" which explains what is happening to your body and how to eat correctly. Basically, it talks about a balance. For every 15 grams of carbs you must have at least 7 grams of protein. And, you can never eat more than 15 grams of carbs in, I believe, a 2 hr period. Don't quote me on the numbers, it has been a year or two since I read the book. I can try to find it and get the author if you want. It is used fairly widely by women on a popular PCOS board who have insulin resistance. Actually, you might gain some good information there as well. They have an area about herbals, I think. Do a search for soulcysters :) if you are interested.