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    Called my doctor yesterday for a quick consult to see if he would be willing to go ahead and call in a prescription for the same antibiotic that has helped so much with the chronic fatigue. The doctor's assistant returned my call today saying that from the sound of the message I left that instead of them giving out a prescription, that they were going to refer me to an STD clinic instead. I asked why in the world they would think it might be an STD since I'd been battling the fatigue for almost 10 years and have been happily married (and loyal!) for that entire time. She said that from her and his nurse's experience that fatigue that clears up with antibiotics was pretty common with people with various STD. I told her that I would just wait for the doctor to call me back instead of dealing with her, but that for her to get her facts straight she should go back and look at my file and see how I'd been treated with several things by them including provigil (works great but I can't afford it) and even adderal. But she said that she'd "discussed it" with the nurse and office manager and that was their conclusion. SHe said that the doctor was still out of the office until monday but that if she liked she'd make sure he called me back. I reiterated that I'd been married for the last 12 years and that an STD was simply not possible given that I have never had any problem in that area. I asked her to review my file and see how my fatigue first started after I had gotten mono and was severely worsened after chemotherapy. She said that they were going to keep their recommendation until the doctor told her otherwise. I let her know that I was pretty insulted that this was a diagnosis made over the phone without the doctor being consulted and that they could put it in my file that I was not going back there ever again if that's how they practice medicine. She tried to apologize and set me an appointment but I declined and told her that she could put it in my file that I was going to find another family doctor due to poor medical decision making on their part.

    I have the feeling they don't want me as a patient any more. Oh well, I'll change doctors happily if this is how I'm going to be treated. Doesn't really matter anyhow I guess. I'll find the right doctor for me.

    Any of you please feel free to share your stories how you've been insulted by doctors offices.
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    First of all, they're not "the doctor". They had no right to do what they did to you. But, I'll be honest. The doctor will support their decision. It's a CYA situation. And, you're right to find another doctor.

    I've had so many experiences, it would take so long a post, no one would read it. My latest was being made to wait about 2.5 hours to see my oncologist. I finally went to the desk and they said one other patient was ahead of me. I heard that patient called, then I was called about 15 minutes later. The staff then told me they called me 3 times. Not so!! My son was with me. He's 40 and we both have excellent hearing...he never heard my name called either. I asked if that was the case, why was someone still ahead of me. Wish you could have seen the look. You could tell they were lying.

    It all boils down to: I had complained my last visit because the tests that they scheduled for me were all messed up. So, to get rid of a "complaining patient", they put me through "the waiting game".

    I'm having difficulty finding another oncologist because I'm now in remission. They only want patients with active cancer.

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    Don't quit your doctor yet, ok? I'll bet money he knows nothing of this travesty, or how his STAFF are diagnosing medical problems!

    You write that doctor and tell them what you told us; or print out your post and mail it to him.

    This is very, very wrong. I managed a medical clinic with 13 doctors, and if any of the staff had done this, they would have been fired.

    Don't hurt yourself by changing doctors until you talk with yours about this. Then, you can decide if they want to get rid of you as a patient by his response.

    Do us a favor, ok? Make short paragraphs for us; many cannot or won't read long ones, they are too tired mentally. Break it all up; these are not emails LOL!

    Best of luck in resolving this problem!

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    el_cubano, if you do as was suggested here and write a letter to your dr, please be sure to write "Personal" on the outside of the envelope.

    Odds are fair to incredible dr will never see your letter even if you do put that word on the envelope since Staff generally opens dr's mail...but at least you would have tried.
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    But I have "fibro eyes". AKA: All runs together if not put into many paragraphs with space between each paragraph.

    I see that you are new and most of us make that error at first.

    I am wishing you all things good.....many Blessings and
    gentle hugs................Susan
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    First of I am so sorry you have to put up with these obviously unprofessional personnel in your physician's office.

    This is often the case and unfortunately the physician usually hasn't a clue of what is really going on and that is really sad.

    Please do not quit you physician give him a chance first. Make an appointment and discuss this situation in person because if his personnel are this bad I doubt a letter will make it to him.

    Is his assistant a PA? Oh even so-this assistant and nurse HAD NO RIGHT TO DISCUSS YOU CHART WITH THE OFFICE MANAGER...ARRGGHH.

    Any assistant should know better than to even try to make a diagnosis over the phone. Your physician knows you and your case.

    Have you even been seen by this assistant before?

    The office manager has nothing to with making diagnoses nor does a nurse for that matter.

    A diagnosis is the physician's responsibility and his alone period. I am sorry but I am very angry about this they are taking advantage of you think you do not know any better and it is not right!!!!

    Frankly the physician should fire the lot of them!!!

    Please I encourage you to make an appointment with your physician and discuss this matter with him. I have a feeling he just may agree with me and I am sure he will not appreciate his nurse and office manager basically "playing doctor" while he is away.

    You might want to print out your post to help you when you speak with your physician.

    I wish you the best of luck but please do not just let this slide your physician needs to know what his staff is up to and think about his other patients it is hard to tell what they are doing to them.

    It is bad enough that the idiots are treating you this way please do not let them get away with this.

    And don't even get me started on HIPAA-the Office Manager is only supposed to see the part of you chart related to her job.

    I just do not see any reason why the assistant and the nurse would even be discussing this with an office manager anyway.

    Sorry but I am really angry about this!!

    Please speak to your physician.


    Karen :)
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    This is so horrible I do not know how you kept so calm .I would have went threw that phone .
    You should go to that office with your husband and demand that they take it back. That Doctor needs to know they did this.
    I also would report this to your State Medical Board. They had no right to say or DX you with anything.

    Also I dont think she said it was a PA she said it was a doctors assistant thats NOT the same thing as a PA
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    For el_cubano
    One previous response suggested sending a letter marked "personal" to your physician. I did just that, in addition to adding "confidential, to be read only by addressee" both on the front and back of the envelope. As I had no response, I did make an appointment at which I asked the doctor why I had not had a reply. He said "I never read my mail"! Needless to say, I have a new physician. Never give up thinking positively, and take advice only from those whom you respect. Best wishes.

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    I did ask in my post if the original poster if the assistant was a PA then I put PA in my a couple of times (3 to be exact) by mistake-I am human and we all make typing errors.

    I have corrected this. I do know that a doctor's assistant and a physician's assistant aren't the same but there is no need to shout.

    Which is what I consider your capitalization of the word (NOT) to be.

    It was just a clerical error made while I was typing.

    Have a nice day,

    Karen :)
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  10. I would be insulted and MAD also. How nervy of them to make that statement. I think its not the dr., its the staff that screws things up. I made a phone call to a drs. appt Tues . left the msg on the drs. nurse and the girl said she would call back and here it is Fri. and no call. For me its the problem of gettting someone to call back, or get results of tests.
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    Man I must be an over bearing pt! I ripped the secretary one day because she forgot to call me to let me know that my appointment had been changed, ever since then (6yrs later)I usually get right in to see the doctor etc. Maybe having a firbo fit was worth it.
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    Your medical problem was discussed with a non-medical person? THATS A BIG NO-NO in any language. I hope you have this straighten out soon.