Insurance supplements to SS retirement w/Medicare

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    My brother is due to retire in a couple of months. The company he works for stopped paying for insurance of retirees.

    I am not into all of this so my questions might be off base and maybe you will know what I mean?

    I do not know how Schedule D works (if right name, new product w/S.S.) and I know his Medicare portion will be deducted from his monthly check.

    He also has to get a supplement health insurance, that he will have to pay for. His meds are expensive that he takes.

    Any suggestions on where to look and any suggestions on how to save any money, like product shopping or mailed prescriptions, companies, Etc.???????

    This is OT but I feel many would appreciate any info along this line.
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    Hi there -

    I work for a health insurance company.

    I'm not sure what state your brother is in, but he can check with the major health insurers to see what they offer as an individual pay product. Some companies will offer plans that specifically compliment the medicare that he has. In other words he could file his claims with one place and they will take care of billing medicare first and then submit to that plan for the difference.

    I know there are also alot of those "prescription" plans out there - the only one that comes to mind at the moment is People's Prescription or People's Health- I think that's the name. Alot of pharmacies will have the little pamphlets around - if they don't - ask they will probably know.

    Be well - Kathi
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    I and also my brother, lives in NW Ohio.

    Thanks Kathi for the reply.........
  4. Mikie

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    Also, talk to insurance agents with several supplemental plans. Some insurance companies are also selling the new prescription plans. BC/BS is selling one here.

    If there is a Medicare HMO in his area, he might consider joining. There is usually no, or little, cost in premiums for these plans and they can be quite good if they have a good network. They are not so good for anyone who has health problems and lives part of the year in another area unless the plan in question allows portability.

    I have United HealthCare's Medicare Complete and it is an excellent plan. I pay no premium and can go outside my network, in which case, it becomes a PPO and pays 80 percent of what is allowed in charges. The HMO's vary from county to county.

    There are 10 standardized supplemental plans but most insurance companies do not carry all 10 plans. In all my years of selling these plans, I have found that Plan B is the best bang for the buck.

    Love, Mikie
  5. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Thanks Mikie and others that replied.

    I am going to that site......

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