Insurance Will Not Cover Klonopin

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by NyroFan, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    Hello all:

    I was crushed today when I went to the pharmacy. They told me that my insurance no longer carried benzos of any kind, including Klonopin.

    Tomorrow I have to go and plunk down $180 bucks. I am so upset by this. I take 3mg. a day and get 90 per month.
    I could cry over this, but what can i do?

    The insurance made a list of what they would cover and what they would not. I was shocked.

    The same with Vicoprofen. So he changed me to Percocet.
    I have been on Percocet after my slip, so i guess I can except that.

    I was told my insurance will no longer cover benzos.

    I was livid. When a person has pain what is the alternative?

    I am just so disgusted that i have to go plunk down
    $180 for one and %55 for another.

    I feel so awful. I just found this out today.

    Thank you for listening.

  2. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    That's awful! I saw a post here the other day where the same thing happened to someone else - no benzo's.

    Have you tried pricing it at Costco ? I have heard that they have really good rx prices. I would sure do some calling around before I paid $180.

    Another thought, does your insurance have a mail order pharmacy? I am able to get a 90 day supply of meds for the price of 2 co-payments instead of 3 by using the mail order pharm.
  3. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    I just had my generic Klonopin refilled. It was less than my co-payment. I got 90 pills 1mg for $19.05. Please check with another pharmacy, $180 is OUTRAGEOUS !
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    No Part D Plans will cover any benzos, even generics. It's criminal that a whole class of drugs is excluded. There are other drugs which address what these meds address but not in the same way.

    I get 90 days worth of brand name Klonopin for $120 at Costco. I get the same in generic for about $40. How well the generic works depends on which brand of generic one gets. I'm going to go back on the generic again for a while and see whether I can take it instead of the brand name. I always took the generic until they changed brands.

    Love, Mikie
  5. kirschbaum26

    kirschbaum26 New Member


    Not sure, but does Walmart offer this med (or other benzos) for $4.95.

    My mom takes klonopin, and has Kaiser. This year, she is supposedly not going to be able to get them at a reduced rate due to her medicare change (she got a raise on her SSDI, that puts her over the max for prescription assistance). She has medicare and MEDI-CAL, so she might be able to use the medi-cal if she has a month with high medical charges.

    What about that prescription assistance program? If you go to the manufacturer's website, you might find info on who qualifies.

    Good luck.

  6. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    Thank you for the leads. They really help because I have tried every which way to get the prescription price lower.
    Even though I have Medicare I could not get them to help and I can not get SSI along with it because my SSD check is too high (according to them).

    Yet, if I had SSI: I could get the Klonopin for free.
    Can you imagine?

  7. JustinD

    JustinD New Member

    What do you take the Klonopin for? 3 mg seems like a awful lot. I am 6'6" and 1 mg knocks me on my but. Just curious.
  8. Stein307

    Stein307 New Member

    I get 60 of the 1mg generic for less than $10.
  9. blizotte

    blizotte New Member

    You need to go back to you doctor and explain this to him and have him prescribe something else. He can also contact your insurance company to try to get them to cover the needed medication if it is "Medically Necessary" and no other medication will do the job. He has to prove that you have been tried on other meds and that this is the only one that will help. I hope he will do this for you if this is the case. Good Luck

  10. LostHearts

    LostHearts New Member

    I've been on Klonopin for years and years. Take 2 mg. at night. I am also very angry that nobody will cover this drug. It is EXPENSIVE any way you look at it.

    Tried to switch to something else but found out that Klonopin is a big help with the extreme skin sensitivity I have (allodynia). I take 2 mg. at bedtime. Thirty tablets cost me at least $75.

    The generic form does not work for me. When it first came out, I discovered I was not the only one with this problem. Took the generic for 3 nights and by that time I was starting to have severe withdrawal symptoms. Went back on the brand name and it took 3-4 days before my skin stopped hurting from even the slightest breeze.

    Did research on the internet at the time and found that people taking Klonopin for seizures had less of the drug in their blood with the generic. One guy even got a seizure.

    It seems that those of us who were already on Klonopin for quite some time couldn't take the generics, it was like taking a sugar pill. However, if someone has just started on this drug, the generics work fine.

    Just my luck.
  11. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    anything about this drug, but I do know that sometimes on generics it is the filler stuff that people can't take and each company that makes the generic pill may use a different filler material

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