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    Well I went to Family Services for help for insurance so as I could get help for my meds and see a doctor. It has been a year or more sence I have seen a doctor for my FMS/CFS.

    Well they told me i can't get any Medicaid because 1) I am not Pregnet, 2) I have no children, 3) I am not 65 years old
    4) I am not disabled.

    Well, I told them yes I am and that is why I need insurance so as I can go see a dr. They just said sorry.

    Now, my husband that gets Social Security and Extened Disability from his job is quilfied, but again I can not be on it.

    I am getting worse so I am just going to try the Health Dept and if they give me trouble then I will contact Mr. Jeb Bush and I will get me some answer's.

    I feel as most of you why are we being singled out because we have this awful DD and because we look fine everyone assumes we are well I have to say PLEASE HEAR US WE AREN"T.

    Thanks for letting me vent I am sorry but I needed to talk to someone and all my family are out of state and don't really want to run phone bill up.

    Soft (((HUGGS)))