intense itching

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kimbyr2000, Jun 18, 2003.

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  1. kimbyr2000

    kimbyr2000 New Member

    I am numb from my toes to my hip, my lowere leg itches (unbearably), has anyone else had similar? Dr. wants to do a nerve study because I have no reflex in my leg. I don't want to spend the money only to find out it is the fm.
  2. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    My itching is usually in reaction to something in environment or herbs/meds to which I am allergic..I have not had the specific symptoms you are having, but if doc is concerned, you may need to have it checked out with the other symptoms experienced..

    Hope you find some answers,
  3. Cactuslil

    Cactuslil New Member

    I have two kinds of "itches". One is allergic..used to be called eczema, then atopic dermatitis et al. There are two kinds...dry and oozing or a slight combo of both.

    There is an itch just as intense where I have area's of peripherol neurophy.

    The worse is on my lower leg, right side only ("eczema is usually in pairs). These areas are red before the itch begins but these area's sink. My shin in spots is like skin over bone. There is no different texture to the skin like in eczema.

    While I was on Pred. for over 6-years my eczema, which I had had all of my life that I can recall, completely went away and only skin discoloration remained; now that I am 9-months Pred. free I have the ITCH from you-know-where; it is almost orgazmic! I only have that on both ankles presently and across my knuckles (which I suspect has more to do w/arthritis than eczema); the other itch I have talked to other diabetics about and all say they have the same symptom.

    I use a steroid ointment,elocon, on the atopic dermatitis, which really works wonders and a little cream on the other "things" just to hide the white scratching marks.

    Check it out with your doc. CactusLil'
  4. Lanie

    Lanie New Member

  5. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    I would get the nerve study done. Lack of reflex like that is worrisome isn't it?

    But, I don't have FM...

    I DO have numbness and tingling down my arm to my hand, but I have reflexes [i think] and none of the docs seem to be terribly worried. But, a physiatrist i spoke to on the phone did bring up the subject of nerve testing. My arm/ncek pain has gone on for approx 5 weeks and sometimes the pain has been unbearable. If I had gone to an excellent chiropractor and/or physiotherapist sooner, I might already be a lot better. And now I want some answers. If my arm thing doesn't clear up soon, I woulnd't mind some nerve testing.

    how much would it cost you?

    perhaps, as someone suggested, there is something irritating your sciatic nerve.

    I hope you get it figured out.

    I wonder if anyone here who is a doctor or physio would recommend you do stretches to stretch your piriformis and other muscles and ligaments in your buttocks?

    oops, forgot -- something I found helpful for itching is Uremol cream, avail at drugstore for about $9. In the winter my legs get extremely itchy and that's the only cream that makes a difference.

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  6. tandy

    tandy New Member

    :( I have some numbness at times ,but no itch!! sorry.....take the others suggestions and get the tests done~Wishing you luck!!and take some benedryl for the itch!!
  7. coyote

    coyote New Member

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