intense neck muscle pain during sleep (?)

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  1. Remnant

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    Hello everyone
    I just crawled out of bed because I was awaken, by intense neck muscle pain. I was dreaming that I was in pain, my neck muscles, and unable to move my neck w/o intense pain. So the pain had incorporated itself into my dream. I was crying from the pain in my sleep, as well.

    I have only slept a few hours. I am now sitting here extremely stiff and need to know WTH?! I used my thumper, but it was almost too sore because I had to use my thumper 2 days ago. I'm under ALOT of stress right now, moving. Even my lunesta has ceased to work...
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    Yes, I have this happen to me all the time and it can sure make you miserable.

    A couple of weeks ago, each morning the stiffness started getting worse. By mid week the stiffness had spread all to way down my body. If I had had a fever I would of thought I had menigitis. I kept thinking I would get better. I have begun to detest going to the Dr.s .

    Finally, on Friday my family and MD convinced me to go the ER. They could not tell me what was wrong, but they gave me 150mgs of demoral and 10 mb of valum.

    Although I awoke the next day somewhat stiff it did get better. However, now I wake up everyday with that god awful stiff neck, it feels like I am paralized. Is that how you feel?

    Warm Hugs,
  3. Remnant

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    I do hope you get relief soon!

    It was actually more like intense cramping or like a charlie horse / burnng tightening sensation in my neck muscles.
    Things tend to concentrate/pull on the right side of my spine & body, I feel like the letter C. *weird*

    I'been where you are, a few days of lortab and suffering and it just mysteriously "went away" the way it arrived.

  4. Pianowoman

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    I often waken with tight muscles or spasms in my neck and upper back. I'm up in the middle of the night stretching and massaging! With me,it sometimes becomes a headache later as well.
    I have found that Flexeril helps and sometimes I take it before bed if I'm in a period where this has been happening often. Also heat helps and keeping warm in bed. Also, doing some relaxation or meditation before bed can help.
    It can be really frustrating and painful. I hope you find something that helps.

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    Try some deep breathing exercises. Slowly inhale as deeply as possible and exhale slowly through pursed lips as far out as possible.

    Do this several times, maybe 5-6 to start. Concentrate on your back and neck muscles that are stiff and tell yourself "relax and let go".

    Pretend your legs and back are as limp as a dishrag.

    Ask your husband to rub your back, you can use olive oil if you don't have massage oil. If he feels any knots, have him take his thumb and gently rub them out. Sometimes even one knot will cause alot of problems.

    Drink plenty of water.

    Lay on a heating pad and try to think of good things - if worry and other things come in your mind, say "STOP"

    You are holdling tension in your body and once you focus your mind on those muscles and tell yourself to release the tension, you will be surprised at the difference.

    You might also take two Alka Seltzer. It gets aspirin in your system fast and normally will help.

    I know this may all see weird, but it will not hurt you.

    Lastly, muscle relaxants - I used Soma. Or pain med - like Vicoden. I used to take just 1/2 of a Vicoden - it works miracles when you are really hurting.
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  6. Remnant

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    Thank you all for your very helpful advice and kind words