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  1. caj

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    First of all you should know that I am a female. For ahout 4 months now I have had an intense pain in my groin area at the top of my left thigh. Could this be a symptom of something more serious. Is there a lymph node located there? cah
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    I have pain in both of my groin muscles. This makes it very difficult to stand up and walk sometimes. I also sleep on my back sometimes with my legs bent at the knee, and my legs apart with the soles of my feet touching.

    While this may not be the most ladylike way to sleep, or sit, I am sure if you are like me, you stopped caring about appearance, and more about what feels good and helps pain.

    I beleive this is just part of the muscle aches associated with fibro.
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    Nice to know that I am not the only one that sleeps in that weird position!! I don't go to sleep that way but many times wake up in that position. I sometimes do another variation of one knee up and the other leg crossing it at the ankle...maybe we need that stretch.
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    I have had this type pain on left thigh most of my life, it
    feels like a bad throbing toothache. I thought it was my ovary.

    An internist told me that I have a lymph node there, that gets infected from time to time.

    Yeah,,,like 16 days out of the month. This was years ago, maybe they will tell you something diffrent.

    If you see a Dr I would like to know the results. If you don't mind.

    This one of my biggest agonies.

    peace and love you.

    Oh, try holding a heating pad there. It helps somewhat.
  5. tandy

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    Two thoughts when I read your post~ Groin pain? I get this from time to hurts like hell and makes walking hard,as the pain effects the leg on the same side.
    Many times I've thought its my ovary on that side beacuse I do have endometriosis~ Do you have any pelvic pain or bad PMS symptoms too? And secondly:When I was going thru many tests for my low back pain which radiated into my groin.My dr.(an orthopedic)told me that when low back pain is felt also in the groin area it can mean herniated disks~ So he did an MRI,and sure enough I have 2 of them in my lowest spine. Pt has helped some,and massage. I would certainly bring it to your docs attention~ Hope you find out soon,and keep us posted!
    Good luck!!
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  6. TracyV

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    gland located there. Mine swells several times a year when I'm fighting off some kind of illness. If it's your gland you should be able of feel it, it'll be a knot. It's very painful when it swells, but at least it might keep you from getting the flu, when mine does swell I usisaly don't get very sick.
  7. rdthewave

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    that...............I've had CFS for almost 8 years and just experienced pain in the groin for the first time a few weeks ago..........and I mean felt as though I had severely strained the muscles or something...........which I really didn't. Just when I think I've had every symptom there is............another one comes along!

  8. violettekb

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    When I first had a lot of pain I was diagnosed with PMR, polymyalgia rheumatica, and groin pain was big part of it. Then I was told of FM, etc.
    A SED rate and exam followed and put on prednisone. If major relief in 2 days, it's PMR.
  9. I was told by my old family physician its the sciatic nerve. When your out of alignment somehow . I lay on my stomach on the bed and arch up at my waist with my lower arms on the bed for a few min and it helps.
    I too have to sleep in weird postitions to get comfortable. If it continues I would get it checked out though.
  10. hyperl

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    I have had FMS for some tiem along with bursistis, tendonitis and carpel tunnel. I have had some very bad experiences with rheumatologists that don't believe in the syndrome. Fortunately I have a very good primary physician. My trouble has been the severe leg pain, it burns, stings from the lateral thigh into my calf. The minute I go to bed it hits to add to the pain I get a stabbing pain as though someone is poking a pin into my groin. I have been to ortho, he could find no reason ( I do have a history of a heniated disc). I have tried multiple pain meds, few are effective it takes me 2 hours to fall asleep and then I'm so tired in the morning. I use a heating pad which does help.
    I found this site in my search to find out if others have this pain and what others have tried. Last night I about drove myself to ER. Having found this site I feel less crazy but remain frustrated with the pain.
    I have had pain ever since I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis as a teen, prior to that I was diagnosed with "growing pains". I believe we are born with the genes that lead to Fibromyalgia. I have a brother also with Fibromyalgia.
    Well, thanks for reading.

  11. hope4today

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    Obviously this needs to be checked out to see if it is something serious.

    However, in my 18 yrs of experience( sounds like a resume?) with thisDD most spots of intense pain have been related to my FMS or Myofacial Pain Syndrome. I have ended up in emergency a few times when this has happend!

    THis has included chest pain, jaw and tooth pain, groin and pelvic pain. I have found that moist pain (hot baths) and stretching usually bring relief. Self help is important you can't wait for a dr. to bring relief. Get a book of stretches (even from the library) and experiment until you find one that hits the spot . And you will KNOW when you do.

    Working with a tennis ball on these spots often works better for me than massage which can putme in deeper trouble because it is so easy to overdo it when these spots are so active.

    Take care!
  12. bre_ann

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    I was having extreme groin pain in my right groin area. I'm female as well. Hurt to walk, move my leg a certain way, etc. After I started seeing a rheumatologist, x-rays showed nothing so he pushed on my outer thigh which was excruciatingly sore. He said it was bursitis. He gave me a shot in my right upper hip area and it did help stop the groin pain. I think I have chronic bursitis. Have no idea why. I'm 39 years old!
  13. kirschbaum26

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    Dear Caj:

    Here is my tale of groin pain. I am 41 with dx of FMS 2 years ago, but with symptoms since childhood. I had bad experience with sciatic pain about 15 years ago...could not walk, x-rays showed multiple bone spurs and calcium deposits that were trying to protect my discs, MRI showed herniated discs, and drs wanted to do surgery...but had myelogram to check any other nerve problems and it turned out that the herniated discs were actually not pressing on the nerve...they were just inflammed.

    I also found out I was allergic to dye used in test...and I had all the symptoms of a spinal headache (before they figured out how to resolve spinal headaches, with a spinal patch). I was put on prednisone (which works very quickly for me) and I did P/T to improve muscle tone and learned to protect my spine better.

    About 5 years after this experience I began to have terrible groin pain, muscle spasms (that would make my right leg touch my left hip. It was terrible and nothing seemed to help. I was very active, playing softball nearly every day, lots of walking, etc. I started to compensate for the pain in my groin, and developed bone spurs in my hip, either from this change in gait, or I had them all the time.

    After going through about 2 years of different diagnoses, tests, procedures, p/t etc. I finally went to Hip Doc (at USC) who told me that I needed an operation to "reposition" the ball of the femur in order to buy me some time before my first hip replacement (I was about 34 at this time). I was still working full time, still trying to do sports, as I felt as if they helped. I had another MRI to make sure that the surgery was necessary, and the hip doc gave me a few steriod injections that really helped.

    MRI showed I had ovarian cysts on right side, (at least 3 or 4). At the same time, I had a "suspicious" pap, so that was the new focus of my ails. So then I had to go through that whole process. Luckily, cysts were benign and no idea about the pap, repeat pap was bad again, so had cone done and it was okay.

    So, to have the surgery done to reposition my femur, and remove bone spurs, I had to get second opinion. Second opinion said that I would just be hastening the onset of oestoarthritis and threatening my long term mobility. That was enough for me. I did not opt for the surgery.

    I was then sent to a pain doc, at Centinella hospital. He was wonderful. He worked with me though epidurals, botox (for the muscle spasms) and many bad times. He suggested something new, cryosurgery, or freezing the nerves that are affected with liquid nitrogen. I agreed to try it. I must tell you that it was not pleasant...they have to locate the nerve that hurts before they can zap it, so they poked around until I nearly jumped off the table, and they froze it. The idea is that when the nerve recovers from this episode, it will hopefully not be "irritated". It really worked. I went from constant electrical like zaps and muscle spasms to simple pain in my hip. I was so glad, I even went off narcotics for 5+ years. I can tell that it is time to consider the hip replacement, or even the repositioning surgery now.

    Good luck and make sure that you find someone who is willing to treat your pain...and is willing to work with you until you can find the reason. I know that there are many different reasons that you could have groin pain, but it does not mean you have to suffer with it forever.

    Good luck.
  14. marciadc

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    have just read through all these posts and they all sound so familiar. I think you may all have a myofascial problem. Pain in the groin and low pelvic area (feels like ovary or appendicitis pain) can be caused by myofascial triggerpoints in the Quadratus lumborum, the iliopsas or the adductors on the inside of the thigh. all these triggerpoints can refer or radiate pain to the groin and pelvic region. See if you can locate your triggerpoints by palpating and pressing on the relevant muscles. You will know when you get the right spot it hurts like hell!! Can feel raw like a graze or like a deep bruise or both. Apply a heat pack then try doing some very gentle stretches and some pressure massage to help the triggerpoints release. You should do this 3-4 times a day. Myofascial pain is very common in FM sufferers.
    Take Care
  15. obrnlc

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    hi cah! this is where all of my problems began, many years ago. Being a nurse that knows everything (LOL) i self diagnosed ovarian problems and drove my gynecologists nuts with this (ovary) that caused intense pain and burning every 5-6 months, along with top of my arm pain (attributed that to ov. cyst leakage and "referred" pain). After about 5 years, i switched ob/gyn's and even though all sono's were OK, (some cysts but nothing major) she did a laparoscopy and ended up with a total hysterectomy and removal of both ovaries. (did have endometriosis and fibroids, but that was the LEAST of my problems!) After quickly recovering from that (i actually have a very high pain tolerance if you can believe that) the pain came back and was worsening! I saw orthos,gen. surgeons, kidney spec., acupuncturist, ETC and FINALLY came up with myofascial pain ON MY OWN and with the help of this wonderful board! THEN--pain started to become widespread all over, eventually severe fibromyalgia and has taken off from there. Now groin pain is minimal every 6 mo. or so still, controlled by meds, but everything else is OVERWHELMING! I wish i had know early on about fibro and GUAIFENISEN, maybe if i had taken it early on i could have reversed before it became widespread. GOOD LUCK TO YOU, sorry for so lengthy! laurie