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    I have posted this before and feel the need to post it again.

    On this site you can enter [or click on] all of your prescription medications, most of your supplements, vitamins, and over-the-counter medicines and it will check for any interactions including with food -- how neat is that?

    Of course always check with your physician/provider and/or your pharmacist but it is always good to be well informed IMHO...

    I hope it will help,

    Karen :)

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    I know from being a nurse that taking more than 5 medications daily is the max for ultimate treatment outcome. After that, its anyone's guess what will work and what wont.

    Interesting, I suspect each of us on the board takes many more than 5 meds each day. I take probably 30 different meds and supplements each day! ARGH!

    This thread should be bumped often~

    Love and light,
  3. ravenpaige

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    A very helpful site. Thank you!
  4. BobinGermany

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    The drug checker is super!!!!

    God Bless,
  5. kjfms

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    of pain and suffering. Lets keep this on the front page.

    Just delete your bumps -- so we won't have three pages of them...LOL :)

    Thanks everyone,

    Karen :)
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  6. mezombie

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    This is a great website. Bumping for others to see, and hopefully use. Lots of experimentation going on by folks on this board...better safe than sorry.

    Thanks for finding this and keeping it bumped, Karen.
  7. mezombie

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    And please read Stormyskye's most recent (related) post!
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  8. kjfms

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    Karen :)

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