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    Good Morning,

    I am fairly new to the boards. They are a blessing to me. I am asking for some prayer for my husband and myself today.

    My husband suffers from severe, clinical depression. He takes several medications to have a "normal" life. He HATES the thought of taking meds to be "normal". He frequently gets very discouraged. He has not come to peace with his disability or the taking of meds.

    After being let go from many jobs (construction/driving)through the years, he went through Voc. Rehab. with our state and is being trained to be a medical assistant. He is extremely intelligent and has a love for the human body and how it works, etc. So, he gog 100's on all his exams, a 90 on his final and is now ready to begin his 6 week externship tomorrow morning. He will be working at Concentra which is a clinic that treats industrial injuries. When his 6 weeks are up he will graduate and hopefully Concentra will hire him.

    Anyway, his doc said he could cut a couple of his meds in half and see if it worked and within 1 1/2 weeks it was horrible. He became frozen with fear, crying, hopelessly depressed. We had an unpleasant incident because he didn't want to go back on the other dosage. He did however, and within a day he was coming back up.

    We've been married 22 years and his bouts with his dd always have a negative effect on my FMS. So, today I am a bit depressed and down. I was praying before I got out of bed to get me through the day with him and how down I'm feeling. When I got up he announced that he wanted to go see an old friend and then have some work done to his truck. Asked me if I wanted to come. I thanked him and said no. I am so thankful that God heard my cry this morning and has given me some time to myself.

    My request is for prayer for God to protect our marriage as we go through these occassional bouts. For God to bless him with all that he'll need for his externship and to give him some peace. My poor husband has such a hard life. This in turn of course effects us as a couple.

    I truly covet your prayers on our behalf. I know God will hear and bless. Not only us, but you for your faithfulness in lifting up the breatheran. May God richly bless you and give you a day of joy, peace and less pain!!

    Thank you so much.
    Love in Christ,
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    Praying for you as you requested. You both have very hard illnesses to live with. Its hard to balance all this illness and our marriages and family on top of it all. May God bless you both and help you deal with all this.

    Love in Christ,