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    Anatomy of a Doctor's Bill

    Just how much of the $100 your doctor charges for taking 30 minutes to investigate your stomach pain goes into his pocket? After paying the bills, he gets less than half. The breakdown, according to Robert Lowes, senior editor at Medical Economics:

    $3.50 for malpractice insurance

    $3.50 for equipment, repairs, and maintenance

    $6 for supplies, including gowns, tongue depressors, and copy paper

    $7 for rent and utilities

    $11 for office expenses, such as telephones, accounting fees, advertising, medical journals, licenses, and taxes

    $28 for secretary, office manager, and medical assistant salaries and benefits

    $41 Amount that goes into the doctor's paycheck

    Over the course of a year, that adds up to $155,000, the annual salary of the average family physician. That number rose just 3.3% between 2002 and 2006, while expenses increased nearly 25% over the same period.

    Every year since 2006, reimbursements from Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance companies have been less and less. (Note that when the doctor charges $100, Medicare/Medicaid will only reimburse the doctor a fraction of that charge; for example, of the $100 charge, the doctor may be reimbursed only $35 -- and he still has to pay the same bills as mentioned above.)

    With Obama's new health care plan, reimbursements from Medicare/Medicaid will even be less. What goes into the doctor's paycheck will be down from $41 to around $20 of each patient's office bill.

    Then, remember, the doctor still has to pay income taxes on his earnings, as well as a self-employment tax which is quite high.

    And .... around 50% or more of the doctor's have student loans for hundreds of thousands of dollars to repay which are set up on a repayment plan of 20-30 years.

    So remember, when you are complaining about what your doctor charges you, that it all isn't going into his own pocket!

    From Reader's Digest

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