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    (Norwalk-WTNH, June 17, 2003 5:00 PM) _ Alternative medicine now has a tool designed to give patients a diagnosis right in the doctor's office.

    There is no waiting for patients as naturopathic doctors like Dr. Vaughn Bowman use the Meridian Stress Assessment testing system.

    That sound you hear is coming from the Meridian Stress Assessment machine.

    Naturopathic doctor Vaughn Bowman of Norwalk is using the MSA to monitor Shirley Sapione's sinus problem.

    "I had a headache this morning I get them now and then, it's a sinus headache. It was interesting it did show up on the chart," says Shirley Sapione.

    By measuring 68 electrical points, the MSA can determine whether the Meridian and it's corresponding organ is stressed, healthy or weakened.

    Dr. Bowman says, "If I measure and if it's conducting at a high rate it means that organ is stressed or it's trying very hard to meet increased demands put on it by the body. I have a cough or I'm getting a cold if that organ becomes weak or it's conductance rate is low, that means I've had that cold for a long period of time."

    Dr. Bowman says it's essentially a physical exam.

    "And a very accurate one because it shows people exactly what's happening inside their body."

    Initially Shirley came in because she was feeling tired and run down.

    "Everything came out so low. My whole system was stressed and with herbal remedies and various things he recommended and I took them faithfully.I improved considerably."

    The diagnosis is made in minutes.

    So Dr. Bowman warns patients they may find out something they don't want to know.

    "With most physical exams, I can tell whats happening outside the body. I'll see symptoms manifesting outside but with this machine I'm looking at the inside of those organs to tell exactly what they're doing in the inside and that scares people."

    The MSA was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in late 1999.

    It follows the principles of Chinese medicine, assessing the functional health of various organs.

    For more information: Dr. Vaugh Bowman, 6 Ruldolf Lane, Norwalk, CT (203) 750-0853.

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    I had heard of this machine, but had not seen an adequate explanation of how it works. Chinese meridians....makes sense. I wish my holistic doctor would get one.
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    Hoping it will help someone...