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    Hi Everyone . . . I found this article interesting. A friend I've made here on the board uses products from Sanum Kehlbeck (a german homeopathic co.) and has had success with them. There is a subsidiary in the U.S. (Arizona) that sells the products here . . . I thought this was an interesting article because I think Candida infections have & do play a large role in our illnesses . . . Hope you find this interesting/helpful . . . Love, Terri

    Bitter Lemons or Delicious Lemonade
    The Choice is yours. Fight the Feds or enjoy the Fruits of your labors

    © Copyright 2001 by Bruce H. Shelton, M.D., M.D.(h) DiHom, USA
    (Explore Issue: Volume 10, Number 6)

    When the world gives you lemons and you chose to get mad or depressed, the lesser spirits are ruling your actions. However when the world gives you lemons and the recipe for the best tasting lemonade comes to mind the divine spirit of the Universe from on high is giving you a blessing in disguise.

    Such is the case when Government Organizations such as CLIA challenge the effectiveness of valuable tests such as Bio-terrain Analysis "BTA" and Darkfield Live Blood Analysis "LBA" as ineffective and have powers to punish practitioners who make worthwhile use from these tests but whom do not meet with favor from the Government. The practitioner can chose to fight, cry and scream while wasting fame and family fortune or recognize the inevitable and find another way to perhaps better treat his patients with ultimately better results than was being achieved beforehand.

    Such is the case at hand. While this practitioner has yet to be challenged by the powers, recent governmental decisions leads one to recognize that it is just a matter of time before discovered users of BTA and LBA will be challenged by CLIA to cease and desist using these clearly valuable procedures.

    Practically all regularly licensed practitioners who do laboratory work are aware of the CLIA regulations. Any test that involves the withdrawing of bodily fluids from Humans to perform laboratory analysis is categorized into categories of complexity and is appropriately regulated by CLIA observation. The purpose of this is to ultimately protect the public from unscrupulous or untrained laboratorians so that physicians can rely on standardized test results and treat patients appropriately. On the surface it is an excellent idea and if administered fairly most assuredly can serve to protect the public.

    However, when a recognized discipline such as the Medical Homeopathic profession trusts a modality such as BTA and LBA and CLIA rejects its opinion with the full force of the Federal Government based upon the opinions of the most reactionary skeptics of outmoded allopathic philosophy, the public, at least the free enlightened public, than the time for either throwing lemons or making lemonade is at hand.

    We are at such a time, and the RECIPE FOR DELUXE DEVINE LEMONADE is at hand. There are other ways to get to the ultimate final cure and until acceptable research is performed to prove BTA and LBA to the satisfaction of CLIA this practitioner has found a better way.

    We have had the good fortune over the last several years to study with some great Alternative practitioners who have led us down different avenues of treating patients. Coming directly to mind are doctors Fuller Royal MD, Dietrich Klinghardt MD and Thomas Rau MD.

    The procedures learned are Meridian Stress Analysis and Heart Rate Variability from Dr Royal, Neuro and Psycho-Kinesiology from Dr Klinghardt and Sanum/Pleomorphic Enderlein theory from Dr Rau.

    Firstly what is learned from BTA?

    BTA is a method of studying a patient's blood, saliva and urine to look at the qualities of pH, Redox potential and Resistivity. The pH is acid/base balance, Redox tells the relationship of oxygen in the mitochondria to determine whether aerobic or anaerobic metabolism is possible. Resistivity is Waste, Water and/or Mineral Balance in the three fluid compartments mentioned.

    A good practitioner uses the BTA results to determine the proper supplements both Oral and Intravenous that will either detox or add nutrition to his or her patients.

    Secondly what is the Darkfield Microscope properly used for?

    LBA used properly (ie with true darkfield as opposed to the different quality phase contrast microscopes) allows the practitioner to view the lifecycle stages of Dr Guenther Enderleins "Endobiont".

    The Endobiont is part of the lifecycle of the fungi Aspergillus Niger and Mucor Racemosus that are symbionts within mammalian bodies and basically aids the body to properly digest and metabolize its food.

    When the Terrain as measured by BTA is normal, the LBA will show the Endobiont in its friendly useful stages.

    When however, the Terrain becomes toxic, the Endobiont which is Pleo-Morphic (can change to higher forms) changes into higher stages of its lifecycle notably full blown yeast AND THEN the bodies immune system TRIES to kill it and the debris from that attempted kill (which can not occur because its indestructible) causes the chronic degenerative diseases that cause aging. Arthritis, atherosclerosis, cancer are for examples of the 100 or so chronic diseases that shorten our lives.

    The Pleomorphic/Sanum remedies stimulate the Endobiont to return to its smaller and friendlier forms while fixing the Terrain keeps the Endobiont in its smaller forms.

    Therefore selecting the appropriate Terrain remedies and the appropriate Pleomorphic remedies are a goal of Integrative Therapy.

    Heretofore the BTA and LBA has been used to monitor therapy BUT THERE ARE OTHER PERHAPS SIMPLER WAYS TO DO EXACTLY THE SAME THING ie Heart Rate Variability "HRV", MSA Testing, and Neuro/Psycho-Kinesiology "NK" "PK"

    Dr. Royal has taught us how to use HRV to select the right remedy. He has also taught us how to use the MSA to select practically any remedy or noxious substance. Dr Klinghardt has taught us how to use the HRV while testing people with NK/PK and concurrently treating them. Dr Rau has taught us the principles of empiric prescribing of the Pleo™ remedies but these can also verify their appropriateness with HRV, MSA and NK/PK.

    Dr Shelton (your author) is currently the President of The Arizona Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners, a practicing physician in Phoenix AZ and the US Medical Director of HEEL INC, the worlds largest manufacturer of Homotoxicology Remedies. He regularly lectures in the United States and in some foreign countries on the subject of Homotoxicology.

    His practice in Phoenix has gotten good use out of studying both BTA and LBA. Much of the data on BTA was in fact used by the local CLIA organization in Arizona to develop a favorable opinion for its use. The Homeopathic Board of Arizona has long approved of its use for licensed Homeopaths and both The Governor of Arizona Jane D. Hull and Secretary of State Betsey Bayless have written letters of support for actions of the State's Homeopathic Board to both CLIA and the White House Commission on Alternative Medicine. Dr Shelton in fact delivered that letter (as Board President) to a Commission hearing in late 2000 and had it entered into the official minutes that will be used in 2002 to make recommendations to President Bush on widening the scope of Alternative Medicine in the United States.

    However until those changes are made reactionary forces still make the rules that govern our lives and it makes no sense to fight an expensive fight for something that can be replaced by a higher quality set of methods.

    On May 17th-19th, 2002, Heel is going to sponsor a seminar on "HOW TO INCREASE YOUR PRACTICE INCOME AND CURE RATES USING HOMOTOXICOLOGY AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE" with Bruce Shelton MD MD (h) DiHOM. Dr Shelton will present an intensive explanation of these techniques that will allow novice practitioners the ability to let Form Follow Function ie cure their patients better than they ever have before and be paid fairly and honestly in so doing. Take these methods home and use them as Dr Shelton uses them in his own private practice.

    The patients and practitioners will get great Lemonade and we can all give thanks to the power that created such positive healing energy.