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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by averilpam, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. averilpam

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    I had an outpatients appointment this week. I had an ultrasound a while back which saw multiple gallstones and my doctor referred me to the hospital for surgery.

    The doctor I saw examined me and asked lots of questions about my symptoms, how they came on and when etc.
    He then said he's not convinced that they are just from gallstones.
    He is sending me for an endoscopy to check out my stomach etc, and pancreas. He's also done blood tests for my liver and wants my GP to get stool tests done to check liver fat.

    So I'm reprieved from surgery for a while (I have to go back in 3 months) I'm determined not to get worried about any of this. It's good he's being so thorough. If it turns out my bowel problems aren't IBS I just hope it's something easily treatable and not something else that will require surgery.
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    Sounds like this doc is looking after you. Let us know what happens.
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    well, i hope everything works out ok. just try to stay positive and try not to worry, right, huh? :) let us know what happens and i'll be sending healthy thoughts your way. :)
  4. averilpam

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    thanks for the good thoughts.. I'm determined not to worry about the possible other problems I may have - life's worrying enough without anticipating what may go wrong next!

    I'm going to have to sort out a gradual return to work soon, I'm trying not to think about it until the appointment comes through to arrange it which won't be for another week or so. I'm trying to make the best of my 'freedom' while off sick, dreading going back!