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    I went to an IME today and it was 2 1/2 hours! Doctor was very professional and was not mean until the end of the exam. She said I had a lot of big problems such as pinch nerve in neck,knee problems that show on x ray, acid refex,neck is really out of wack and that I need to really have a doctor attend to these conditions which are all treatable. She pretty much said my CFS doctors are lazy and put all these illness under CFS/FM dx but she feels these conditions stand alone.
    when I asked if she believed in this illness she was not to fast with an answer - she did say there could be something there but that I really need care for illnesses that I do have first. She said they can all be treated and that she sees me going back to work in future part time.
    Hmmmm - I asked her if she is going to drop the DX because if she does I might not be covered anymore and therefor can not receive treatment. She prommised that she would not change my DX at this time but she wants to know about the progress I make with treatment of the other illness. I got the idea she feels I got these other things first and then just put in under this dx. HMMM Although she was very nice she played hard ball in the end. She poked and proded me and the pain washed over after I left. I will be surprised if I feel well the next few days.
    I am sure my CFS doctor will not like her info - I am real happy for now as my benifits will stay in effect till I can hire a lawyer and think of my next move.
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    Hi guys,

    I woke up this moring with an emotional hangover and it a lot of pain. It was quite a day yesterday. I was so burnt I really did document the visit which I knkow I should do. If possible I would like some feedback on how I should approach this sure to be big problem and if anyone has had the same situation.

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    one doctor can take a way the diagnosis you probably fought hard to get.

    CFS docs are lazy, my goodness, it takes a lot for a doctor to understand and treat CFS in light of the stigma attached to it.

    No wonder you are in physical and emotional pain, she doesnt sound the most sympathetic of people and will not have been careful when examining you.

    If it was me, I would be talking to my CFS doctors about this, obviously if you have things that are treatable you will want them treated but I wouldnt trust this woman at all.

    Hope you get it all sorted out. Please let us know.