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    Hello all,
    I'm reading the book "screaming to be heard". It is a book that was recommended to me for Fibromyalgia. This is a doctor that has it as well as her daughters. Anyway she has treated hundreds of patients and thinks that a lot of the pain etc is due to hormonal imbalances. She has quite a bit of information to back up her thoughts. She connects a lot of stuff with pre menopausal as well as hormonal changes with womens periods. She also says that numerous sugerys can cause this also.
    She has had really good results hormon replacement theropy. She says that it will also stop the pain.
    What do people think about this?
    Take care,
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    There was a thread that had many replies, thus many different ideas and thoughts about hormone replacement. I think I've given you enough info to do a search for that thread.

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    If you go to "search previous posts" at the top of the page and type in my screen name, you will find all my previous posts on this subject. Or type in the names of hormones like thyroid or progesterone or DHEA, and you will get tons of previous posts on these, as well as suggestions on great books to read about this.

    I am living proof that there is something to this theory! You might also check out the websites of the following doctors who support this theory. They have a wealth of info there. We can't give out URL's here, so you will have to do a websearch for their names. They are:
    1)Dr. Lowe (add a "+ thyroid" to this search since I don't know his first name and their may be many Dr. Lowe's), 2)Dr. Gerald Poesnecker, 3) Dr. Russell Roby, and 4)Dr. Bruce Rind. All of these sites are VERY worth looking at.

    I have had Fibro for more than 17 yrs., and it is bad enough that I am on disability.

    Recently, I started hormonal therapy with a holistic doctor, and within a few days, I felt better than I had felt in the previous 17 years. After two months of therapy, I am having many days when I feel like a normal person.

    I want to emphasize that I am NOT talking about conventional hormone replacement therapy. Synthetic drugs are a no-no for us fibro patients. The natural forms are safer, work better, and do not cause the dangerous side-effects of the stuff most doctors prescribe. Most of us are estrogen dominant, and do not need any of that.
    I would say that taking Armour Thyroid and Progesterone drops has stopped about 80% of my pain.

    What you need may be very different from what I need though. If you have severe fatigue, you may need adrenal hormones like Cortef or DHEA or pregneneolone as well.

    I hope you will look into this, but have your hormone levels tested before taking anything, and make sure your doctor uses the natural forms of the drugs, not the synthetic.

    Please keep us posted on how you do.