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  1. henke

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    Had a chronic fatigue pain condition for five years...retired and couldn't walk more than ten mins per bed every arvo and very eraly each know the rest

    anyway friend of mine did the LP in the UK...interestingly he relayed most of it to me by phone...I'm in Australia.
    I listened, believed and followed the process.

    Six weeks later I can walk 50 minutes at a time twice a day..I can swim 30 lengths in pool, I can socialise.

    I'm not in normal..but I am soooo better and in a totally different place to where I've been the last five long years
    now it can't cure evryone, I would never suggest that...but for many we can get significants improvements I reckon. I'm not suggesting I'm better..still not able to consider working etc....but its a massive jump..and I've tried soo many things..this is the only thing that has helped..and it will continue to help me I reckon.

    At one level I've really cracked this much better I get...time will tell....but where I've been the last five years...shouldn't say it..but I'll settle for this level.

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    A nursing friend of mine recovered just like you did. She has been my only source of support until I found this forum.

    Thanks for telling us!

    Bear Hugs!
  3. lfrost

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    To all those sceptics out there and those who were rude to me when I tried to help you all, hope this thread will help you to realise that I was genuine when I said it was what had helped me beyond my wildest dreams. Just sat down after being on the go since 8.30 am this morning, it is now nearly 10.30 pm. I am speed walking whenever I can and thinking about doing some work on an exercise bike.

    I feel exhausted tonight but I feel great-it is a natural tiredness that anyone "normal" would feel after all I have done.

    Even I am amazed it can have this affect by phone-I would recommend that you undertake it properly to get the full effect but good for you and good luck to you all who do decide to try this. I will keep plugging it but only because it hurts to see you all suffering as I did for 20 years and now I have a new is great, really great. Love Lucy
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    Hi Lucy,
    This Lightning Process sound interesting to me. What would you recommend for people not in the UK and with no one to impart the process to them over the phone? Would the LP book help do you think? What can you suggest?

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  5. lfrost

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    Hello-I understand it is difficult for those outside the UK but if there is any way you could visit the UK I would strongly recommend it. I also understand that Phil is hoping to go to San Fransisco to do a seminar in the new year-see other threads for more details.

    If these are not relevant to you-perhaps you could email Phil Parker yourself and see what he can suggest. There will be a book out in the future, but not sure when, and it is definitely better face to face.

    Hope this is some help but obviously for those of you abroad from here, it is hard, though it is becoming much more widespread and I am positive it will be available in the future-just not sure when. Take care Lucy
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    I'm really happy for you, it really is a miracle! Keep it up! Marie
  7. OptimusUndead

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    as Sassy2 said, i am just as interested. I couldn't imagine the affects of the process working as well by reading an explanation of it, at least for me. But at the same time, i wish i could just read through a book since i live in the USA, or have someone explain it to me, being young, broke, and now jobless. So figuring this out is going to be tough as nails.

    Lfrost, keep up the work of telling people about it. But of course, dont get discouraged as people are skepticol. I guess its their right eh, as its mine ^_-

    I emailed Phil Parker, and i explained my interest in him coming to the US. Right now i'm working out a way to travel to London to do LP by the beginning of the summer. Hopefully i can land a new, low stress job, and save some money. My sister is going to help me save as well.

    I just wish it wasn't such a huge hastle. Waiting months for something is quite discouraging in my state

    I wish davebhoy would make another appearance to see how he's doing.
  8. henke

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    Lamotta an Sassy have you read the website and peoples stories

    [web site address removed as per rules]

    this is probably a good place to start and to get a feel for what people are experiencing....Also he seems to put a lot of value on working with a "type" of person...reading between the lines it is those who are most ready/able due to their current nature and maybe health condition to make the most improvement

    and obviously he's very restricted about who and what he puts on his website, I'm sure there are jsut as many it deosnt work for...but it does work at different levels for many.

  9. henke

    henke New Member

    Lucy is it possible to email you privately?
  10. yellowbird

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    yes, can we please hear the nuts and bolts of the technique, something we could possibly apply to ourselves?

    thankyou so much
  11. OptimusUndead

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    as dncnfngrs said, the CHat room would be a good idea if everyone is willing. You can even put your email in your Detail / information that people can look at ^_^

    Maybe we could set up a general time to come into a chat, and tell everyone ahead of time. I just used the chat for the first time today ^_^
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    what is lightening process?
  13. krchamp

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    got it! Thanks!
  14. OptimusUndead

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    I can understand your concern, but your reasoning is a bit rude for people who believe in it. At the same time you have every right to put it down, as i do with things that i dont believe in. So no offense, but i dont see any reasoning behind your comments? Yeah i'll admit, your response got a little chuckle out of me, but keep the minds open for people eh ^_^..

    Honestly, the Lightning Process is one of the few things that makes more sense than anything else to me over the years, and the least expected. Not just because it deals with a MIND-BODY healing connection, but because of how i believe the STRESS response that wont shut off, is the main reason for our illness. Its roots are physiological and Biochemical, stating that the process or learning of LP concerning CFS make it a physical illness. While i haven't used LP myself yet, its basis is from disfunction of the hypothalimus, which in turn controls the endocrin system and the adrenal response. If the Stress response is completely overactive in us, than we have to shut it off for our immune system to stop being in a state of overwork, and our body can repair itself once again. I think most people are scared of this because it deals with how the mind works with the body almost making it sound like "its all in your head" which isn't the case. A magic bullet pill just isn't going to work, and never will IMO. A cure will take life change and courage, not sitting in a recliner throwing a white pill into our mouths, like we all would love to do.

    THese are my thoughts on it so far, so i hope you take it into consideration before you make jokes that could potentially misslead somoene into missing a cure for themselves. Think of it like that.

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  15. OptimusUndead

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    I completely agree with you, and to be quite honest, its good to see a healthy skepticism. I'm on the same boat as you.

    I'm still very interested in the process. A user by the name of davebhoy hs been through it and claimed to be better, and had been a part of the boards for a while. Yes i'm a bit concerned because i haven't seen him post in a while. Another user by the name of lfrost has been through the process. I move from one theory to another every few months, and i'm sick of reading testimonials, as everyone with a "healing" or "cure" protocol has a plethora of them.

    If it were up to me, and the process worked, i would inform people in how to do it. But i guess thats a bit risky as LP is proprietery of Phil parker? I guess that wouldn't matter as much.

    In any case i'm still curios, but i'm a bit worried as well. I wish it were in the states so i could try it myself. I would give honest opinion. My only venue is taking the trip to England, which i'm thinking about doing. Before this i did allot of reading on Reverse therapy and michel therapy. LP seems to have some of the same premise, but works allot better, and faster, without the months of practice before results are seen. My spinning over analytical brain also tells me that based on the "process" of LP that reeping the full benefits of it, can't be achieved by phone, but might still work?.. I thought it had to be a bit more personalized to work to its fullest extent.

    arg...i dont know anymore, my head is spinning....
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  16. lfrost

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    I know I am one of the people who you are referring to as being almost recovered using the LP and not being able to explain it in as much detail as you want but can you blame me, even if I could. I tried when I was first better, the post became extremely offensive and personally insultive towards me and was then removed from the board.

    You have a right to your opinion but I do not think you should be slagging off something you dont know about. I will answer the question from above. Yes, I was new to this site-I did not realise it existed. I then heard about LP and the miraculous effects it was having on people so I did some research and found this website. I then asked on here if anyone had heard of it, or used it and the rest is history ... As soon as I try and explain it, I get abuse so I have given up but I know in my own mind that this works and it has changed my life. I also do not know of anyone who has not got better using it, but I know of plenty personally who have.

    As was mentioned above, yes it is developed by Phil Parker and I do not feel it is my place to try and explain it when I have not been trained to do so-I could do more harm than good-it needs to be taught face to face and the person who said about learning it over the phone may get some benefit, but this should not have been put on this site-it does not work effectively that way, though I am glad they are getting some benefit.

    I am sorry if I sound evasive but I have tried so hard on here to encourage people to try it and after the very hurtful comments that have come back, I am feeling very disheartened so am putting the energy into living again after 20 years of illness. I felt bad last night after a lot of stress, did the process and have probably walked about 3 miles again today. It really does work and I have no interest in the company and am not employed by them-this is the truth. I hope that some of you will decide to go for it because I know you will be better if you do what they ask you to do-it is hard work at first, but well worth it. All the best, Lucy
  17. OptimusUndead

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    Well i hope we can all be civil about this. Arguments are healthy, as long as they dont get out of hand. Everyon's opinion matters... (lol wow i sound like a hippy) .. anyway..

    Lfrost, i appreciate your response very much, and as i have said in another post, dont worry about the negativity, just stick to what you believe.

    i whish that i could speak to you personally through email. I'll have to think of a way if your willing, and repost. I'm putting together some money, and planning on going to england at the beginning of the summer. From now till then, and keeping interest is going to be tough, in my condition.
  18. lfrost

    lfrost New Member

    I just want to add that what hurts the most about all this is for me to see you all suffering, some of you really severely or even suicidally, and I know something that will help you but I cannot get you to take it seriously-it is heartbreaking as I know how much my life has changed.

    All I can do is my best and whether you want to try it or not, has to be your decision, but it hurts to see the pain you are in.

    I am a caring person and believe that to be one of my strongest points, as many people who know me keep telling me. However there is a limit to what more I can do so hopefully when the trial has finished-you will all take it seriously. Best wishes to you all and let's hope the trials can be completed so you can all get your lives back again.

    Peaceful Christmas to you all. I am now leaving this site again as I believe I have done all I can. Lucy
  19. henke

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    I feel similar to Lfrost. I am no professional and have received benefits from the lightning process.

    However passing on the details is fraught with danger, I believe, on a board like this.

    I have not said it is a miracle cure, nor that it will fix you completely or even help you. What I said is that I have had some significant I am still unable to do many many things but I have a new ability to do more more often. How this will end up in months or years ..I don't be clear that this process has helped...but I am not in receipt of a miracle cure....I still do not work..nor could I contemplate it...but I am in a better more no less.

    The details of the process...well given I'm not trained and only received the info second I really being responsible dishing out the detail on a board like this to many people who are in different states of health and mind?

    Idea that immune system is low and long-term illness causes over production in adrenaline caused by our stressful thougths and consequential thought patterns....mean the immune system can't work or we continue to relapse or stay low.

    Reducing this stress/adrenaline production is the key and changing the pathways in the brain is the key to this.
    Reduce the adrenaline...may for some people lead to reduced pain and other conditions and the immune system slowly improves.

    The details of how to reduce the adrenaline/stress is not so weird and wonderful..its merely a process of rethinking and retraining your brain through a number of simple but effective steps.

    Remember I have had no training. I am not receiving any money, I do not say it is a miracle cure...but I do say it will help some and others who don't recover it may help them to live with this thing.

    There are many ways to reduce stress, this is another little technique. I don't feel by posting the steps on here anyone would benefit, I feel you need to learn th eprocess have some understanding of it and apply it or modify it to your own condition with expert help.

    now if you want to tell me I'm a fraud and money grabbing and self-promoting..well go for it. I wish you no harm, and realise financially the costs of getting to do the process is restrictive for many. I wish you all well and hope today is a better day than yesterday.
  20. joyfully

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    I wish the arguing would stop. Please reread your posts and get rid of the words that seem to cause people to take sides.

    You have CFS or FM which is physically draining. Why are you wasting your precious energy on debating???

    Respect each other and stop the hurtful dialog.