interesting question about trigger points for those who know

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    hey, i have a question.
    you all know the fibro tender point(1 each side) next to the collar bone, above the chest, right?
    when a doc diagnosed me(actually 2 of them) i had tenderness there, and even on daily base it was annoying as hell.(those pains because of those points and those tanderness).
    i have been to a guy who specialize in trigger points theraphy, and he didnt do real theraphy yet, but only 5-7 minutes or so.
    of course i still have most of the pains i had, but i notest one thing.
    i have much much less tenderness in both of those tender points! in the right i have much less and even none of the tenderness i had, and in the left i have a little tenderness but much less.
    yet->i still have pains in my chest(both, but kinda better feeling, as better as it can be with pains) and ivguess its because i have other trigger points reffering pains there.

    i know that you should have 11 of 18 points to have "fibro" and it maight change(am i wrong?) but how come it changed because of the trigger points theraphy? i mean, i can say for sure that it is because of the trigger points theraphy, and i know fibro tender points cant be worked on and cant disepear.

    does it mean that those "tender points" i thought i have, was just a trigger points, and if so, i maight doubt the fact that i have fibro?

    actually this massager(and another one i have seen before) thinks it maight be mostly mental(my pains), and if we wont eliminate whats hurting me inside, the pains may go away because of the theraphy, but will come back again.......i started psychological theraphy as well, and hoping for the best.
    again-its wired, no? i know, or at least i think i know, that the fibro tenderpoints are "unbreakble" and even if you dont have pains, you will scream when pushing them.
    i infact had much pains when pushing them, but now i dont have!! i did the massage on friday and i didnt have pains in friday.
    i do know, that there are trigger points next to the collar bones, and it looks wired that although i dont have tenderness next to the collar bone now, i still have pains in my chest, and thats why i think that i have multiple trigger points, reffering pains throughtout my body, and the point i thought was tender point of fibro was actually trigger point.

    what do you think?
    thank you.
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    im sorry to write a respond so soon, but can somebody please help me?
    thanks again
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    thats the problem!! i have none of the typical fibro symptoms!! i dont have fibro fogs and stuff, my only fatigue is muscle fatigue-and also, its in the last months where my pain got worse(due to the trigger points i guess).
    i told you if i remember correctly that i have clicks+pops in a few of my joints, and i read that it is one of the active trigger points symptoms.
    if i remember correctly, it was you(?) who told me her husbend had clicks while having active trigger points.
    i know you think tender points are nothing more then trigger points, but it will be much easier and the best thing, to know i dont have fibro!!
    im a 18 yo male, who had much stress for years.....
    but- i was diagnosed because of the tender points of fibro!! and if now one of the points got much better after trigger points(by a specialist,not by myself), well, thats alittle wired, no?
    its known that the tenderpoints(the real ones, or atleast what people say)of fibro, cant be diactivate, right?and if they can, they are actually trigger points.
    thats puting in question, my fibro diagnose, dont you think?

    btw, another thing-people with fibro say, that when they do too much they may sit with pains for days after "paying for waht they did to their body", but even after i worked out in a gym, with much much weights, i didnt feel pains like a real "fibro" should have feel.
    from what i heard, those who have fibro(no matter what age), will "pay" after washing the dishes, so what will happen to them after lifting 50-60+ killos for multiple repetitions?

    the only "fibro" thing i have is the tender points, and of course pains all over.
    but now, after 10 minutes teraphy, some of my tenderpoints kinda disepeared if noit got better, so what i should think?
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    sassy, you missunderstood me... when the doctor checked i had number of tender points, actually 2 docs checked, and diagnosed fibro by number of tender points in the fibro area.
    i know that the tender points of fibro untouchble, i mean they can cause no pain when not being pushed, but when being pushed, the person will jump and scream.
    i had this jump and scream and pain when pushed when i was diagnosed and after.
    after i have been to the theraphy(only 10 minutes) i still have most of my pains, but looks like the tenderness of the fibro tender points, next to my collar bones is almost not there anymore!

    and no, i have nothing similar to fibro fog or something like that.......
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    Trigger points are found in taut bands (firm, elongated bands) in muscle fibers and are associated with the local twitch response. This response is an involuntary, transient contraction of the taut bands and can be elicited by snapping or pinching the band.

    i have this twiches all over the body.
    this not painfull, not very disturbing jumps of the muscles...(of course involuntary..)
    is this what they talk about? so the place i have those twiches is a place with trigger points? (i have twiches sometimes, and can be in alot of places in the body).

    btw, those differences between the2 is the most not understandble thing i have ever read.
    but-i have pains all over my body, in all 4 quatres, and it say that mcp is local/regional.
    regional is spreaded all over? or like local but more spreaded?