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    A while back the lupus foundation mentioned the advisory below and it is worth sharing again.

    It makes you think twice about agencies such as welfare, food stamps etc. (that may see photos of you dancing and drinking in a bar and people frequently post old photos because they don't look so great now, when you're claiming you are broke with kids), employers, colleges, employer disability insurance companies, Social Security Disability, etc. looking at your Facebook or Twitter pages to gather what info they can regarding your life, your health ailments, what photos of you may actually reveal, if you reveal disabilities, erratic behavior, etc.


    Sherri Abrams says: "I think it is a mistake to make your private business 'public' by putting pictures or written material on sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

    It has been documented that people have lost jobs and have not been admitted to the college of their choice because of what they put on these sites.

    Don't get me wrong I think that these sites are fun and have their place, however, for someone receiving disability benefits of any kind it could mean disaster.

    In addition, I see a day coming in which Judges in Social Security Disability cases will routinely search these type of sites before a hearing and use what he or she finds as evidence of a person's credibility and disability.

    So please do yourself and lawyers who practice disability law a favor and be especially careful with what you post on these sites if you are filing or receiving disability benefits from any source."

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