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  1. sixtyslady

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    Just wanted to run this pass you guys and see what you think?
    First about 3 wks ago my husband had severe headache at work, then his tongue become numb and his speech was slurred.had headache for 4 days.
    He had a catscan, and they thought he had a light stroke.
    so then he had MRI, ULtersound of his neck. and wore a holter monitor& lab work. so we see the Dr ,he thinks my hubby has a heart blockage has him go to larger hospital and have a angiogram, the heart Dr is very puzzle, because my hubby has no heart symtoms other than fast heart beat.
    so he shows no blockage. but heart Dr doesn"t think it was a stroke but possibly a virus.
    now thats scary what kind of a virus could cause numbness in his tongue, by the way that has went away, but he stills very fatigue. any thoughts.sixtyslady
  2. Marta608

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    .... I had rapid, irregular heartbeat that scared the bejeebers out of me several mornings in a row. (No numb tongue tho.) It always happened when my arms were up, doing my hair. My doctor at the time was amazingly able to recognize the problem as being from a pinched nerve in my neck.

    Of course he rans other tests too, but one adjustment (he's a old D.O.) and it never happened again.

    If it was me, before I got too worried, I'd try a good chiropractor as long as your hubby's OK with it and his doc can identify nothing else.

    Good luck.

  3. sixtyslady

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  4. findmind

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    I think a virus could cause all of his symptoms, sort of a viral encephalopathy...or encephalitis-type thing.

    If he remains tired, especially after exertion, I'd try to get him to an FFC Clinic immediately, so it doesn't progress to full-blown CFS.

    If your budget doesn't allow that, maybe you know a nutritionist and/or naturopathic person who could build his immune system so it will fight off the viral attack quickly?

    Hope for the best for you both...

  5. sixtyslady

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    i don"t know much about lime, but he was treated for it several years ago,
    do you think he could still be effected by it?
    He,s not looking very well, what does a person have to do, to get a Dr to take things serious. thanks .Sixtyslady
  6. carebelle

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    If anything else happens that is unusual take him to the emergency room. Better safe then sorry. It could be a migraine ,or something as serious as a stroke. Has he recently started or changed any Medications ,vitamins or herbals?Has he eat any sea foods or new foods?
  7. sixtyslady

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    no he's done nothing different, but he just looks kinda pale and he"s very tired,
    I"m wondering if it could have been west niles, we live in a timber, and a crow tested positive last fall in our town,
    theres just so many things out there anymore,its hard to tell Thanks, sixtyslady
  8. mme_curie68

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    Has your DH been seen by a neurologist yet? There is a cranial nerve that comes down through the neck and can cause heart problems (like tachycardia) when stimulated.

    His symptoms sound neurologic to me. Severe headache, numbness, slurred speech could be symptoms of stroke (blood clot in brain), TIA which is temporary blockage, or an aneurysm.

    Has he had a head CT with contrast agent to look at the vessels? Clogged carotid arteries can also compromise the flow of oxygen to the brain.

    Here is a link to look at information about the vagus nerve -

    It has the potential to cause neurologic and cardiac symptoms...heart rate, speech.

    I know this has been really stressful for you, trying to get him the right care and the right doctor. Don't give up.

    Try a neurologist next.

    Madame Curie

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