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  1. Janalynn

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    First- to catch you up..
    Wait, first first - thanks again to all that sent me the energy and positive thoughts when I "hosted" my new boss/business partner from LA a couple of week ago.

    I made it through two days with him. NO naps - and the day he left at 2:00pm, I even had to go into the office of my other job and worked until 6:30 pm. For some reason I had energy! The whole time he was here, I was able to carry on conversations (without yawning or rubbing my legs like crazy)
    The next day was a Friday. When I say I crashed, I mean I crashed. For the first time when I woke up, I almost couldn't walk. I couldn't put weight on my hips. Deep deep aches - no pain meds helped. I laid on the couch most of the day with heating pad and my dear husband rubbed my legs most of the evening.
    This is the interesting part. Everytime I talk to this guy, I feel good. He is "upbeat" ALWAYS. During all of our conversations since October when we first started talking, I have been the same. In fact he's commented on it. In a way, although when he says "how are you today", I want to say "crappy, I feel like $hit, tired, achey....." I don't, I say "I'm great" and I'll be darned if I don't start to believe it.
    I keep asking my husband and family, why does he like me/believe in me so much? (this is a HUGE opportunity) and they all say because of who I am, he can tell even on the phone.(you know your family loves you) I truly am a positive person, but we all know that because of the way we feel, it's hard to be positive or feel good about ourselves sometimes.

    This is getting long...sorry...
    Since I was a miserable teen and wanted to change my life, I started 'smiling' (yep something SO simple)I started to feel differently. I had the opportunity to move where no one knew me and I took on the "fake it til you make it" motto - I faked my confidence, did my "positive self talk" (which I still do daily) and once again, I'll be damned, it started working.
    I spoke with this guy again this afternoon- I am always feeling good after I talk to him - it's weird. It's like my "faking" feeling good starts working. Isn't that weird?

    Don't get me wrong. I still hurt like hell, but I feel 'different'.
    I don't think I'm really articulating myself very well. I've thought about this a lot lately, because it's almost bizarre.

    Just me babbling, but wanted to share...
  2. victoria

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    Firstly- glad to know everything's still going well and you've recovered!

    You know, it's been proven that smiling causes neurochemical changes even if you don't 'feel like' smiling - the physical act of doing it makes the difference. Practicing this really helped me when young as I sometimes fell into light depressions.

    I've also found that being around other people who are high energy and that I enjoy (good 'vibes'? whatever that is!) seems to also 'feed me' energetically, and I get overstimulated - and keep going for a while at least.

    Ultimately I crash too tho. Good thing my friends don't have to see this!

    What I've always found fascinating because of the profound physiological effects on the body, are MPDs/Multiple Personality Disorders. My DH was a psychologist for 20 years, one person had 3 distinct personalities, and one of her personalities had a life-threatening seafood allergy, but not the other 2! She was NOT aware of all of this 'til after working with him for some time btw.

    EEG studies have been done on MPDs while in different 'personalities' and found very distinct differences.

    I have also used hypnosis for certain things extremely successfully, but not 100%. I'm still trying to figure out how to still be 'Me' but make myself resistant to any/all pathogens that are causing my CFIDS!

    And, further along the lines of disease resistance, it's well known that some can be infected with nasty diseases yet show no symptoms (most famously, Typhoid Mary!)... reminds me of my DH who does worst on all the blood and any other test than I do, yet has very few symptoms/problems. He totally 'flunked' the ciguaterra toxin 'visual contrast test' 3X, and I passed all 3X (we repeated it over a few years-time!).

    On the other hand, I was just reading about how toxiplamosis gondii (caught from cats) seem to have had actual overall cultural changes on whole populations where infectiveness is near 100% ... so, what's controlling what... fascinating fields, all of it!

    Anyway, NO you're NOT crazy, LOLOL!

    all the best,

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    I would like to be the first to congratulate you on recognizing and expressing how it has been good for you.

    I did a fundraiser last fall, I collected over 8000.00 worth are art for a NP foundation. They were so impressed with me they asked me to be on the board of directors and I would be in charge of collecting art from all over the country.

    Those 2 months were great, I went and spoke to art clubs, Christmas parties, emailed a gagellllllllion emails. The man I was working with was a great guy and always felt good after talking to him.

    But when it was over, I crashed, then hurt my back and I am still climbing back up. I have been out all day and am tired but had to respond you.

    I will write more again about how others moods can be contagious. The mind is a very powerful tool and we don't use it to it's full potential. Think about it-I am very happy for you and wish you great success-Carla

    I see Victoria beat me,lol

    I agree with what she says, that was very much what I was going to talk about-so thank you Victoria for doing it for me :) Carla[This Message was Edited on 03/12/2008]
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    Well, I am glad to hear things are going well for you. I agree with Victoria and Carla - they have said what I wanted to say....but they did it much better than I could have.

    Certain people have negative energy - those people tend to just drain me - to the point where I actually feel as if I'm being pushed down. They may not be doing anything wrong to me, it's just the negative vibe I get from them will drag me down.

    Then there are other people who I am drawn to - they are so full of life, and ooze good feelings. It is like there is a bright light around them. I feel GOOD when I am around them. Their positive energy rubs off on me, and I feel good about myself and the world. (does that make sense?)

    I find that my pain levels go up and down daily....but when I am in a more positive mood, it doesn't seem to affect me as much. Yes, I may overdo when I'm feeling good and pay for it the next day, but I also wake up with a sense of accomplishment and feel good about myself - pain and all!

    I think he believes in you because you ARE a great person - you are one of those that give of that positive energy that I was talking about. Good for you!

    I am sending more positivity your way! I know you will be great!
  5. springwater

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    Im Buddhist and we believe in past explanation for your feeling good everytime yuo talk to this particular person is because theres a strong and good past life connection.

    And i dont think he came into your life by accident either. This person must have been meant to come and help you. Ah i know i sound bizarre myself.

    Anyways I am so glad things did turn out like this- so well. I do think you are a fighter and positive person basically - and that yu cant keep down a person with those qualities.

    Gd Bless
  6. angelheart

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    I don't post often but I could really relate to this, so decided to reply. I work full-time with FM and I absolutely know I could not do it if it weren't for my amazing boss. This is our 3rd company we have worked at together (in 20 years)and in fact this is "his" company that he started almost 9 years ago. He asked me at that time to help him start it up. We both left our present job and I helped him start the company we work at now. It was just him, me, a phone & desk for awhile but we got there and it was/is very rewarding! I would never had the opportunity to do something like that if he hadn't seen that I could do it - when I told him there is so much I don't know about starting a business, he said me too ~ but it will be fun to figure it out! His attitude was contagious ~ and now we just look at each other sometimes and say - wow it has been quite the ride!

    I often ask my husband why does he believe in me so much? He is like my guardian angel or something!

    It has been a good nine years and I am hoping to hang in for a few more. But he always tells me at anytime if I need to go part-time, etc. He will work it out with me. He is flexible with my work schedule and trusts I will do what I have to, to get the work done. So if some days I go home early he knows I am taking care of things or I wouldn't go. Every day I am thankful for my situation.

    Janalynn, believe in yourself, you sound alot like me - a person who wants to do good work for someone they respect! Good for you and I hope you have great success in whatever you do!

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