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    Hi everyone

    well I am at a complete loss as to where to go for help...while searching throught this website I saw the intergrated carae centers...I would be going to the one in Elmhurst ,Il if I decide to go throught with it....has anyone heard anything about these places...I am try to go the natural route...trying to wean myself off of Cymblata ( on the highest dose possilble 120 mg with no real relief for about the past year) I was going to a napropath for awhile but we could just not connect doctor /patient wise and I would just become more upset...well enough of my long winded message , but I would appreiciate any help that anyone is willing to give...take care...
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    I saw Keith Berndtson at the Integrative Care Center in downtown Chicago. Check out my other posts for more info.

    Or do a search under his name. It's come up before.

    He seemed like a thoughtful, caring physician. I quit after 1 or 2 sessions because he recommended I go on Xyrem and I had a horrible experience with this.

    I also decided I didn't like the Teitelbaum protocol...which is what he seems to follow. He might have been open to other things.. but by then I had found an infectious disease doc in Kansas City, MO, and I stuck with him.

    I am in Chicago.. I travel to KC for the 6-montly apptments.

    See my other posts for more info on this doc if your'e interested.

    OH, and Berndtson charged $250 an hour.My insurance covered 80 percent.

    Good luck