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    I live in New Zealand, and am a 40 year old female with Spina Bifida. Could anyone give me information regarding the condition "internal spina bifida", as I have learned recently of someone in my age group who has it. As I am aware there is a difference between what she has compared to the type of Spina Bifida I have.
    Thank you.
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    Hi Sandy ....
    Thanks for your reply regarding Internal Spina Bifida. No, I don't have fybromaealgia (excuse the speling!!), but I do know of a friend's mother who has, so I'll recommend this site to her.

    In saying that, one of my conditions is Arnold Chiari Malformation, and I understand fybromaealgia can be one of the problems associated with this syndrome, and may be one of my conditions, due to the pain factor of my disabilty.

    As far as Internal Spina Bifida is concerned, I typed it into google, and it took me directly to your page, so my apologies if I have linked to the wrong site.
    Thanks again. Chickywheels.