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    IACFS website update on ME/CFS information

    There has been a new information section added to the IACFS
    website. It covers etiology, pathogenesis involving CNS and
    immune system abnormalities, diagnosis, treatment and

    There is an excellent article addressing exercise written by Dr.
    Lucinda Bateman. This article explains and helps sort out the
    issues of exercise, deconditioning and activity thresholds, which,
    if exceeded, could result in pathological damage due to
    problems with metabolism, oxidative stress, HPA/ANS
    abnormalities, infections etc. and should be avoided.

    It is posted at:


    Etiology of ME/CFS - Model of Pathogenesis

    ME/CFS Management - An Approach to Finding Physician

    CFS and the Excercise Conundrum

    Having this information from our ME/CFS experts and
    professionals is very valuable. This is a source that we can
    readily share with our doctors and the medical community.
    Having a professional organization which provides this material
    is a real asset to the patient community as well and is worthy of
    our support.
    Originally posted on another website by Jill McLaughlin (who is not MeZombie), Membership Committee, IACFS
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    You did it again! Thanks for posting yet another great article. I am printing this one to take it to my Doctor even as I type this.

    I think this one is even better than The Canadian Consenses (and the CDC Tool Kit pales in comparison). I really like how they spell out not just options for treatment but the order in which they think symptoms should be addressed.

    I think it is a great model and I'm a little proud of myself in coming to the same conclusion that they do: sleep disturbances should be the first problem addressed.

    I have to tell you that I am more and more excited each day that conditions are ripe for meaningful improvement.

    Is your profile still up to date or have you improved even more?

    Thanks again and I'll try to help keep this bumped.

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    Thought I'd ask before I leave to go take a nap! Want to check it out afterwards, ok?

    Thanks for all your great posts for us, I really appreciate it.

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    Shar6710: Your welcome! I'm glad you found the article useful. I agree that these documents are much more useful to doctors than the CDC Toolkit. And I particularly like the way CBT and GET are put in context.

    Alas, I have nothing new to report as far as my health status goes. No improvement on my end. Don't want to get people depressed and post that in my profile!

    Findmind: The American Assoc. for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (AACFS) is now the International Assoc. for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (IACFS). I guess they are still using both links. You can find this by going to the IACFS website and clicking on "Educational Services".

    Glad you appreciate my posts. I'm happy to post this kind of information as long as I'm able.
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    thanks and this is important for my son, schools and others just dont believe that to much or exersize could be damaging.

    love karina
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