International Conference on Fatigue in Japan

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    International Conference
    on Fatigue Science 2008


    Dates: September 3 (Wed.) - 5 (fri.), 2008

    Venue: Bankoku Shinryokan, Okinawa, Japan

    Conference Aid Office
    c/o Congress Corporation 3-6-13 Awajimachi,
    Chuo-ku Osaka 541-0047, Japan
    TEL. +81-6-6229-2555 FAX. +81-6-6229-2556
    E-mail. icfs2008@...



    Dear Colleagues:

    Fatigue is an indispensable bio-alarm to avoid the
    exhaustive state caused by severe stresses and
    overwork, which may also induce a variety of
    diseases. However, still not so much are known
    about the molecular and neural mechanisms of
    fatigue. The world-wide efforts to explore the
    mechanisms of fatigue and to develop better ways to
    recover from fatigue have increased markedly in the
    past five years, concomitant with new enthusiasm for
    exploring the molecular/neural mechanisms and
    epidemiology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and
    related diseases.

    The International Conference on Fatigue Science
    2008 will be held as a part of activities of the 21st
    Century COE program "To overcome fatigue" in
    Japan, and therefore will be sponsored mainly by
    Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and
    Technology of Japanese Government (MEXT). The
    International Association on CFS/ME and the
    Japanese Society of Fatigue Science will support the

    In our discussion of ways to merge research on
    fatigue with that on CFS/ME, we planned our
    upcoming conference to be in "Bankoku Shinryo-kan,"
    Okinawa. "Bankoku Shinryo" meaning "Bridge
    between Nations," is named after a phrase carved on
    the large bell at Shuri Castle. Bankoku Shinryokan
    stands on the scenic Busena Point overlooking the
    East China Sea. It was established as the main
    Convention Center for the 2000 Kyushu-Okinawa G-8
    Summit and has hosted many successful conventions
    since the Summit. Okinawa is an idyllic holiday
    destination with its coral reefs, limestone carves,
    and its sub-tropical climate.

    We look forward to seeing you in Okinawa to discuss
    a lot about and corporately rescue the people
    suffering from "fatigue."


    Organizing Committee


    Yasuyoshi Watanabe (Osaka/Kobe, Japan)


    Nancy G. Klimas (Miami, USA; President of IACFS/ME)
    Hirohiko Kuratsune (Osaka, Japan)
    Birgitta EvengDrd (Stockholm/Ömea, Sweden)

    Honorary Presidents:

    Teruo Kitani (Osaka, Japan)
    Nobuya Hashimoto (Tokyo, Japan; President of Japan
    Society of Fatigue Science)
    Satoru Kaneko (Osaka, Japan; President, Osaka City
    Akira Shimizu (Osaka, Japan; President, Kansai
    University of Welfare Science)

    Organizing Committee:

    Yasuyoshi Watanabe (Osaka, Japan)
    Nancy G. Klimas (Miami, USA)
    Hirohiko Kuratsune (Osaka, Japan)
    Birgitta EvengDrd (Stockholm/Ömea, Sweden)
    Suzanne D. Vernon (North Carolina, USA)
    Leonard A. Jason (Chicago, USA)
    Benjamin H. Natelson (New Jersey, USA)
    Katherine Rowe (Melbourne, Australia)
    Kenny De Meirleir (Brussel, Belgium)
    David S. Bell (New York, USA)
    Yoshiki Nishizawa (Osaka, Japan)
    Teruhisa Miike (Kumamoto, Japan)
    Nobutaro Ban (Nagoya, Japan)
    Chiharu Kubo (Fukuoka, Japan)
    Kazuhiro Kondo (Tokyo, Japan)
    Teruichi Shimomitsu (Tokyo, Japan)
    Osami Kajimoto (Osaka, Japan)
    Yoshinobu Hirayama (Osaka, Japan)
    Kiyoshi Matsumura (Osaka, Japan)
    Hirotaka Onoe (Kobe, Japan)

    Local Organizing Committee:

    Yosky Kataoka,
    Masaaki Tanaka,
    Kouzi Yamaguti,
    Sanae Fukuda,
    Hidenori Koyama,
    Tokuzo Matsui,
    Seiki Tajima,
    Kei Mizuno,
    Emi Yamano,
    Yoko Nagatomo,
    Yukari Yorifuji


    Important Dates:

    Deadline for abstract submission May 31, 2008

    Deadline for early registration July 31 , 2008

    Date to arrive in Okinawa September 2, 2008


    Preliminary Timetable:


    Scientific Programs

    1 . Molecular and neural mechanisms of fatigue,
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and related

    2 . Epidemiology of fatigue, CFS, and related

    3 . Neurological, immunological, endocrinological
    aspects and their interaction in fatigue, CFS, and
    related disorders

    4 . Biomarkers and quantitative scales of fatigue,
    CFS, and related disorders

    5 . Test protocols of CFS and related disorders

    6 . Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of CFS and
    related disorders

    7 . Childhood CFS, school refusal, and learning

    8 . Karoshi (Death with overwork) and Burn-out

    9 . Industrial fatigue, and techno-stress/social
    stress-induced disorders

    10 . Sports science and over-training syndrome

    11 . Stress-related disorders in connection to

    12 . Treatment/Therapy of fatigue, CFS including
    CCFS, and related disorders

    13 . Standardization/International harmonization of
    development of biomarkers and treatment of
    fatigue, CFS including CCFS, and related

    14 . For fatigue-less societies

    15. Others



    On-line Registration

    On-line registration will be available at the congress
    website (

    Registration Fee

    Category Registration Fee
    Early Registration | On-site Registration
    (until July 31,2008) |
    Participants 40,000 JPY 50,000 JPY
    Students 15,000 JPY 25,000 JPY
    Persons 15,000 JPY 25,000 JPY

    (Includes 3 lunches and 2 dinners)
    Students who wish to obtain a discount must submit
    a photocopy of a valid student ID. After completing
    the on-line registration, please fax the registration
    form and a photocopy of the student ID to the
    Secretariat (+81-6-6229-2556).

    Payment Method:

    Payment must be made on-line by credit card (VISA,
    MasterCard, American Express, or JCB).

    * Contact the Registration Office at
    icfs2008@... if you are unable to pay by
    credit card.

    Registration Acknowledgement and Confirmation:

    Receipt of the registration form will be acknowledged
    by e-mail. Upon receipt of the registration form and
    payment of the registration fee, a receipt and
    confirmation will be sent to you. For early
    registration, the form and payment must be received
    by the secretariat by July 31, 2008.

    Registration Entitlement:

    [Regular Participants / Students]

    -Conference kit, including a set of official
    -All scientific programs and the exhibition
    -Buffet dinner on September 3
    -Reception on September 4
    -Lunches on September 3-5
    -Coffee breaks

    [Accompanying Persons]

    -Buffet dinner on September 3
    -Reception on September 4
    -Lunches on September 3-5
    -Coffee breaks

    Cancellation Policy

    All cancellations made in writing and received by the
    secretariat by August 5, 2008 will be eligible for a
    full refund, less a 5,000 JPY administration fee.
    Cancellations received on or after August 6, 2008 will
    be 100% NON REFUNDABLE.

    Registration Form:


    Call for Papers:

    The deadline for submitting abstracts is May 31,

    Only abstracts in English submitted on-line via this
    website will be accepted. Abstracts will be published
    as submitted, including any errors. A sample abstract
    form is available on the website (in Word format).
    Accepted abstracts will be made available to all
    participants of the International Conference on
    Fatigue Science 2008, published as an abstract book,
    which will be handed out to all participants upon
    registration at the conference.


    The abstract text should be within 2,200 characters
    including spaces. The abstract title should be within
    30 words. The text could be separated by
    subheadings such as Objective, Methods, Results,
    Conclusion, and Discussion. Tables and graphs must
    not be included. Abbreviations may be used after the
    first time the word(s) appear in full.

    Link to Abstract Submission

    For your first abstract submission:

    For deleting and editing/moditying your abstract




  2. Rafiki

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    the world is going to know so much more about fatigue and other basic things re the way we all function from studying ME and CFS.

    They should pay us to have this thing :~)

    Peace to you,

  3. tansy

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    Osler, ME specialists, and the neurologist (representing the British Neurological Society) who ssent in the valid criticisms of the NICE guidelines, all quote the need to "listen to the patient".

    It would be great to have renumeration for our work in trying to educate the skeptics in the medical profession, the policy makers, and even the media.

    I reckon Dr John Greensmith would be doing well financially now if this were the case; he certainly deserves it.

    tc, Tansy

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  4. Rafiki

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    should be paid an actual salary for your actual work!

    I should just be paid guinea pig fees.

    Peace out,
  5. cct

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    Thanks for keeping us posted on the events that are happening around the world!

    I hope that we hear some good news from this international conference.

  6. tansy

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    to chronic central fatigue syndrome.

    Hi Kelly

    The Wessely School have based their hypothesis on central fatigue insisting there was no peripheral fatigue/invovlement even though there was evidence to the contrary.

    This conference is not just about ME or CFS so it'll be interesting to see what is discussed and the abstracts submitted.

    tc, Tansy

  7. tansy

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    CFS in childhood.

  8. DADI

    DADI New Member

    No news about that conference?

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