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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lc1971, Jul 30, 2008.

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    i posted a topic earlier about the trouble i am having getting certain meds (pain, sleep, etc.). i really am embarassed when i go pick up my meds from pharmacist and when i have to call and ask my doctor. so, i am wondering about internet prescriptions. has anyone tried them?
  2. I was wondering also. Are you meaning sending your precription from your docotr in or getting a new one from online.
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    well honestly, on the days when my doctor's nurse tells me why i can't take a pain med or something else, i do get tempted to bypass them and just try and find it online without a prescription.

    then other days, i say well i will just start using my doctor's prescription and order online so i won't have to deal with the glaring eyes of a pharmacist.

    i know that doctors know best. and you can ask anyone who knows me, i will call my doctor and ask a question about any med if i have one. i also read every leaflet given to me by my pharmacist. my doctor has prescribed drugs that the leaflet says don't combine well. i will call the pharmacist and ask what should i do.

    but when i am in a flare, which i have been in for the past 4 months, i have no where to turn. i talk to my husband and ask him to help me. but he says why do you need meds anyway. my doctor is very little help. this last flare was so bad i had to go to the emergency room. there they have me ALOT of meds intravaneously because they could see i was suffering. but i can't go to the ER daily or weekly.

    so, yes i do think sometimes about bypassing everyone. i feel desperate at times. i had not been able to work for 3 years. my husband left his job and we lost our insurance. now no one will help. but i am back at work and i need the job to get insurance. i don't know what to do.
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    is illegal to get meds online without an actual prescription. The legitimate online med companies require you to mail in your written doctor's prescription.

    I have heard of doctors writing prescriptions after phone consultations but that is also illegal. It is required that you have a written prescription by a doctor that has seen you in person.

    If you try to get prescription medication online without that you are breaking the law and seriously have the possibility of going to jail not to mention you will always have problems getting doctors to write you scripts for anything after that.

    If your doctor is not helping you then you need to find a new doctor...not try to circumvent the system.
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    that don't require a prescription.
    theres alot of them out there that charge and arm and a leg to prescribe to you meds. (via online consultation)

    My thought is,.. How do you know if your getting the real thing?
    I think its just another costly rip off aimed at the people without insurance or without drs. who'll prescribe ceratin meds.
    I would'nt trust it.
    But thats me.

    Probably the sites where you need to fax your script in are legit.
    just my thoughts`~

  6. cookie1960

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    Be careful not only of the legal issues mentioned in other posts - but some people have actually died because they have received the wrong medications or the wrong dosage. There was a report on 20/20 or Dateline about this a few years ago.

    Why should you be embarassed about getting your meds? And if you are in that much pain and no one will help you - then go back to the E/R - maybe "they" will get the message.

    Hope you find some relief soon.

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