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    I am posting the post from the Internet Society and if you go to that safe web page, you can test your computer. Below that, I am posting the safe link to the article from Windows Secret explaining much more all about this test and the future of IPv6 which is due to the internet running out of addresses.


    World IPv6 Day

    About World IPv6 Day

    On 8 June, 2011, Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Akamai and Limelight Networks will be amongst some of the major organisations that will offer their content over IPv6 for a 24-hour “test flight”. The goal of the Test Flight Day is to motivate organizations across the industry – Internet service providers, hardware makers, operating system vendors and web companies – to prepare their services for IPv6 to ensure a successful transition as IPv4 addresses run out.

    Please join us for this test drive and help accelerate the momentum of IPv6 deployment.

    How To Take Part

    Test your IPv6 Connectivity

    Want to find out your IPv6 readiness? Use this test[GO ON ACTUAL SITE TO PERFORM TEST, I ALREADY DID. TWOCATDOCTORS]

    Other IPv6 Day Events
    Windows Secrets article about IPv6:
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